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March 15, 2019

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Dina's Dirt at 6:40

Hallmark has cut ties with Lori Loughlin in the wake the college admission scheme. To review, both she and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, were indicted for allegedly paying $500,000 to have their girls, Olivia and Isabella, designated as recruits for the crew team at the University of Southern California. In a statement, Crown Media Family Networks said, “We…have stopped development of all productions that air on the Crown Media Family Network channels involving Lori Loughlin including ‘Garage Sale Mysteries,’ an independent third party production.” As for “When Calls the Heart” – the show she’s been on since 2014 – the network said that they would pull Sunday’s episode and evaluate all creative options related to the series. And it looks like Lori won’t be returning to “Fuller House” either. A production source said, “Lori is a guest star and was during the previous four seasons and there are currently no plans for her to return to the fifth season.” Hmm…okay. Finally, Isabella and Olivia have decided to withdraw from school for fear of being “viciously bullied.” While neither of the girls wanted to go in the first place, both girls are planning to lay low for now and not try to enroll at another school for a while. Source: E! online

"Empire" star Jussie Smollett entered not guilty pleas to 16 felony counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false police report. The judge in the case told Jussie that he could travel to New York and Los Angeles to meet with his legal teams as long as he notifies the court 48 hours in advance. He also has to check in with 24 hours of returning to Chicago. If Jussie is convicted of all 16 counts, he could face up to 48 years in prison since each count carries a potential sentence of one to three years. He’s due back in court on April 17th. Source: USA Today

You might know Carly Schroeder from the show “Lizzie McGuire” (Melina), but now she’s representing the United States after enlisting in the Army. Taking to Instagram, she wrote that she’s “determined to make a difference and help others.” And speaking to TMZ, she says that she made the decision to learn the skills necessary to aid veterans, the homeless, as well as rescue human trafficking victims. Her family has military experience too - her dad is a former Green Beret medic, and her younger brother is a Marine. She said they gave her advice, explaining, “They told me, ‘You should think about it, talk to every branch, and pick out which one works best for you,’... and I picked the army. I think that going into the military gives me an opportunity to better advocate for this family that I’m going to become a part of, and it gives my voice more validity.”

It could be that Monday’s Commonwealth Day Service was Meghan Markle’s last public Royal engagement for a while. According to Fox News, she may be kicking off maternity leave already. Meghan’s due date isn’t until next month, but the outlet reports that Meghan doesn’t have future appearances on her calendar. For now, it’s just speculation since the Palace has yet to make an announcement about her time off. But just because she’s not stepping out, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have other Royal business to attend to. Just the other day, she had a private meeting with one of her patronages, National Theater honchos Lisa Burger and Rufus Norris. Who says you can't get things done from bed?

Dina's Dirt at 7:40

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Joe Giudice was released from prison yesterday. Like we told you before, he’s being transferred straight into ICE custody, rather than going home to see his family first pending his deportation ruling. But that doesn’t mean that he isn’t putting up a fight. He’s still awaiting a judge’s decision on his appeal filed back in November – but he could remain in custody for up to a year until then. According to US Weekly, Teresa Giudice’s lawyer said in a statement, “His lawyers and his family are hopeful that justice will prevail and Mr. Giudice will return home to his wife and four daughters who love and miss him.” Their daughter, Gia, has sent a sweet message to her father as they await the big decision. She took to her Instagram story to post an adorable throwback photo of herself with Joe and wrote, “Sending you my love and strength today and always,” she writes. “I love you.”

Adriana Lima hung up her Victoria's Secret angel wings in November after 20 years of representing the brand for 20 years. So, who will take her place? Supermodel Barbara Palvin has been officially named as the next Victoria's Secret Angel. She has been with VS since 2012 and walked the runway at last year's show.  She posted a video on Instagram and wrote, "I'm very excited to announce that I'm officially a @victoriassecret ANGEL!" Her boyfriend, Dylan Sprouse, gave her a shoutout on social media, writing, "The missus has a big announcement, officially a VS angel! Proud of all the work you've done leading up to this and here's to more years of success and a little less Ben and Jerry's ice cream." 

Louis Tomlinson has canceled a performance for tonight because his teenage sister  died from an apparent heart attack at the age of 18. Felicity Tomlinson passed away on Wednesday after collapsing at her home. Paramedics weren't able to revive her. Felicity had even been working on turning her life around and gave up alcohol and cigarettes for 2019. She was even getting ready to publish a book of poetry. The last few years have been tough for Louis, who lost his mother, Johannah, to cancer in December 2016. 

TMZ just confirmed the rumors that Rosario Dawson and Cory Booker are dating. Who confirmed it? Rosario herself! TMZ asked her about a relationship with the New Jersey senator (and presidential hopeful), and she said, “I am just grateful to be with someone that I respect and love and admire so much. far, so wonderful, he’s a wonderful human being.” This could mean a First Lady future for Rosario!

Dina's Dirt at 8:40

Lori Loughlin's alleged cheating scandal already cost her acting jobs, but now it's costing her daughter too. According to TMZ, Olivia Jade just got axed from Sephora. Not only did a rep from the company confirm it, if you go to the Sephora website, you can't find her line. 

Pink performed in Nashville recently, and that's where she and her husband, Carey Hart, added to their family. She posted on social media, “Thank you to the Nashville Humane Association for bringing puppies to the show for us to play with. Of course we went home with one. Meet our new rescue, his name is Nash. Short for Nashville --” 

If you're not too familiar with Aquaman, he's from Maine. The character from the movie starring Jason Momoa isn't the only superhero to hail from Maine. It turns out Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, is also from Maine. No one really ever know where the character was from until “The Life of Captain Marvel,” a limited comic book series by Marvel writer Margaret Stohl, gave details on Carol's life in Harpswell, Maine. Her character also spent some time in Boston.  I guess the real estate in Gotham isn't all it used to be.

Whoopi Goldberg is back on "The View!" Whoopi, who has been out for about a month, came onto the set to surprise her co-hosts - Joy Behar, Abby Huntsman, Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain. Once the audience and her co-hosts settled down, Whoopi explained, “This is my first foray out. I'm not there yet, I know that. The only way I’m going to get better is if I begin. So this is my beginning.” She added, “I still have a cough and that’s the last thing to go, apparently. Over the next week and a half, I will start to be here more often. But I wanted the first foray out to be to come see y’all because I missed y’all.” Whoopi was in the hospital for three weeks pneumonia. She said when she went to the hospital with a 102-degree fever, “The guy said to me, ‘What color is that?’ talking about my face because I was some weird color.” Whoopi also said she had sepsis and that "they had to pump a lot of stuff out.” But she had some advice for everyone;  “You think you can push through because you got a little cold. And you think because you healed quick that something crazy can’t happen? Well it could,” she said. “This is a cautionary tale for all of us. You must really take care of yourself because there’s little tiny stuff out there that will kill you that you never think of.” We're glad she's better, and her co-hosts seemed to genuinely miss her as they couldn't let go of her and stop welcoming her back for over almost two full minutes (well, almost all except Megan McCain, who hung back).  It was a much better reception than I get here when I come back from being sick.