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April 15, 2019

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We talked about Amber Heard fighting back against Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation. She’s filed to have the suit dismissed. But, according to E! News, Depp’s lawyer said her claims are lies.

“The only way for Amber Heard to sustain her hoax is to shift to new lies – she grudgingly admitted in her deposition to multiple instances of violence against Mr. Depp, including: throwing a can of paint thinner into his head in front of witnesses, punching him in the face, and kicking a door into his head,” the lawyer said. “This is a fraction of the cataloged violence and other abuse Mr. Depp has suffered.”

Heard’s attorney says Depp’s camp is just “gaslighting” her “by denying his abuse.” “Since their divorce, Mr. Depp has continued to publicly harass Ms. Heard, it is long past time for Mr. Depp’s despicable conduct to end,” reads a statement. “IT is regrettable that it will take a judge to finally end the persistent harassment of Ms. Heard by Mr. Depp, but [she] will take whatever action is necessary to vindicate the truth.”


Can CBS afford Gayle King? Apparently some staffers are worried that they can’t because the contract negotiations are taking a while. After that infamous R Kelly interview, Oprah’s BFF is allegedly looking to double her current $5-point-5 million dollar salary. A high-level source said, “It’s not like CBS News can all of a sudden find ABC or NBC money – it has to come from somewhere.” At this point, the contract is allegedly in the hands of the lawyers. 

Leonardo DiCaprio was at Coachella Festival over the weekend and TMZ spotted him with a “mystery woman”... but it could have been his model girlfriend Camila Morrone.

He tried to hide himself by wearing a hood and some sunglasses, but he was still caught on video petting a woman on the head. You can't see who it is, but we hope it's his model GF.

Kyle Richards is fighting back at the trolls on Instagram. The “Real Housewives” star was having fun at Coachella this weekend and posted pics on Instagram. In the comments, some trolls said, “go home grandmas.” Richards replied by correcting one hater’s spelling and said, “and you’re sitting home doing what?”

You tell'em Kyle!



People magazine claims Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are planning a small and intimate wedding. A source tells the magazine, 'They are secretive about details, but seem to want something smaller and intimate. They look forward to starting a family together as well. They're slowly planning their wedding but they don't have a date yet. Their past weddings were, of course, very different. They are trying to find a middle ground now. Orlando always shied away from anything flashy. He doesn't want a huge, celebrity wedding. But they also have many friends that are important to them. They are still figuring out the details.''

We talked about Dina Lohan’s long-distance relationship with Jesse Nadler. They met online and and haven't met in person yet...and according to TMZ, it looks like that won't happen because they broke up! 

Apparently they got into a fight about a book he promoted on Facebook and she thought it was about another woman. He denied it, but she didn't believe him. He says that she later tried to apologize, but he said he was done. 

But! Someone close to Dina Lohan says that there was never a meeting scheduled and he was just looking for his 15-minutes of fame.

Justin Timberlake finished his “Man of the Woods Tour” in Connecticut this weekend and his wife Jessica Biel posted a sweet message on Instagram.

She said, "I would say that I'm so proud of you, but I feel like that's the understatement of the century. I just am in absolute awe of you every night to see you up there in your glory, doing what you were put on this earth to do.”

She notes, "You inspire me, you inspire Silas, everyone around you, all your fans, all your friends and family to work as hard and with so much passion as you do. You make my heart burst with joy and love when I see you doing your thing, baby,"  adding, "I'm your No. 1 fan. I love you."

Justin responded, “I mean... I’m not crying. You’re CRYING! I can’t with this message. I love you so much."

People magazine claims Lori Loughlin is worried about pleading guilty to bribing college officials in order to get her daughters into USC. A source says, “She is very concerned about what a guilty plea would do to her daughters, who may not have grasped everything that was going on. Yes, she can think about the public perception of her, but that’s nothing compared to what her daughters think of her. So that is something that has understandably made her less likely to enter a plea.''

Another source tells In touch Weekly Magazine, “Her physical appearance, her weight is what concerns her friends most. Lori is losing weight. She looks skinnier than ever. It’s not good. The case is definitely getting to her. Lori is under tremendous pressure, and it’s starting to show. She’s putting on an amazing front, laughing and signing autographs, but she’s super stressed out.”


We told you that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are planning on keeping the birth of their first child a private matter, but could the baby already be born?

The Daily Mail says that the wording of Buckingham Palace’s statement has fueled rumors that Meghan has already given birth. “The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family.”

So some people think that they are celebrating privately right now!

And don't send the Royal couple any baby gifts! Meghan and Harry have to turn down any gifts they get. The Royal Family’s guidelines state that accepting gifts that could place members of the Royal family “under any obligation to the donor” is not allowed. They can't risk owing a favor to somebody.

Sam Smith tells Voice of America that he is disappointed to see so many artists lip-syncing in concert. "In general, I find it sad. It’s different with the different artists, I feel. I don’t know for certain, but I’m pretty sure some people sing a bit here and there and mime a bit during the show because they’re dancing so hard. Then I understand that because I’m not a dancer and I don’t know how it feels. If you’re singing for a bit of it live, then I get it. I’ve got to admit, it’s something that I find annoying, especially within pop music, because I’m someone who has never mimed. I’ve never ever mimed my entire life."

Kit Harington told CBS that his "Game of Thrones" character, Jon Snow, will always be his favorite. “Thrones, it’s given me possibly my future family; it’s given me my wife; it’s given me friends for life. It’s got a character I love, I will love, more than any other character I’ll ever play.

He also revealed to BBC that he told a friend how the show ends! ''The intensity of finishing something like this and not being able to tell anybody is so hard. It got too much, so I've told one person - my friend James, who doesn't watch the show and fell asleep in the first episode of the very first season. I knew then that he was zero interested in what I do. We were having a drink the other night and I told him everything about how the series ends, and he couldn't have looked less interested if he tried!''

Ariana Grande has been very open about her mental health after so many things have happened to her like the Manchester bombing at her show and the death of her boyfriend Mac Miller. She's so open to her fans that she shared a picture of her brain on Twitter.

She posted a scan of a healthy brain compared to one with PTSD. Then she posted a scan of her brain, which looked similar, if not worse, than the PTSD one.

The singer described the scans as "hilarious and terrifying," and insisted it was "not a joke."

As you can imagine, fans were shocked, and a little concerned by the post. And a huge reminder to take care of yourself emotionally. It's ok to need help.