Evenings with Drew Hastings

Weekdays 6p - 12a

I started out my radio career working in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. I enjoyed my stay there and made a lot of friends. However I wanted to work my way closer to home in Western Mass… So I moved on to a radio station in Vermont. My next stop was Springfield, Mass! I began working at Rock-102 for a while then moved over to WMAS. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been doing LOVE SONGS for 13-years. The best part about the show is how our people converse with each other with their requests and dedication to our shows. I’ve enjoyed talking to the listeners and have really developed a friendship with them. As I say on the radio…..”it’s YOUR requests, YOUR dedications, it’s really YOUR show”. Thank-you for listening and lets make it another awesome 13-years!

Listen to the “all new” Dedications with Drew on New England Love Songs, weekdays from 7pm to midnight! Call 413-384-9494 or send your dedication to Drew on Facebook