Dina's Dirt Alert for May 17, 2019

Friday, May 17th


TMZ is reporting that legendary wrestler "Nature Boy" Ric Flair has been

hospitalized after suffering some kind of medical emergency. While his family

hasn't confirmed what happened, we do know that he'll undergo a procedure

today. His wife, Wendy Barlow, maintains he'll make a full recovery. This is the

latest in a rough couple of years for the entertainer.

Sarah Jessica Parker exposes a letter she received from the "National Enquirer."

The letter claims that she's having marital issues and that she and her husband

were seen "In a public screaming match" in London. She posted the email on

Instagram and said it's not true.

Grumpy Cat has passed away. Her family posted on her official page this morning

that the frowny faced feline died May 14 from complications of a urinary tract

infection. She was 7-years-old. Grumpy Cat had quite the career. She had a book

deal, appeared at SXSW, and was in commercials for Honey Nut Cheerios, and

was a Friskies spokescat.

Demi Lovato just got some new ink in honor of her grandmother. The singer

showed off her huge arm tattoo on Instagram, and it’s a portrait of her grandma as

a young girl. “This is for you Mimaw. You at 26 on my arm while I’m 26, and

forever. I love you more,” she captioned the photo, adding, “it’s stunning and the

most meaningful tattoo I have ever gotten.”


Kelly Ripa is getting backup in her feud with "The Bachelor" after she called the

show disgusting. The show's creator then said that she shouldn't knock a show

that pays her salary (it doesn't). Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo has stepped

in to defend her saying that you shouldn't "attack successful women" on the


The “Bachelorette” herself, Hannah Brown, confronted Kelly about her comments

on “Live With Kelly and Ryan” yesterday. She argued that, although she took a

few swings on the show herself, some of her “best friends” came from the reality

show. And Hannah’s calling it “empowering.”

Prince Harry sued a photo agency for taking photos of his and Meghan's private

country home. The agency hovered over the property in a helicopter to get pics of

the outside and inside the home, even the bedroom. Fox News reports that the

suit has been settled and the agency has apologized

Joe Jonas tells New York magazine that there were many awkward moments with

girls during the group's Disney days. "There were the moments when I’d walk into

my hotel room only to find a girl I didn’t know standing there. For the record, we

didn’t have the traditional rock-and-roll experience. We were kids working with

Disney, so finding a girl in our hotel room didn’t feel like an open invitation...There

was this time in South America where a hotel staff member snuck his kid into my

room. I don’t know what they were hoping would happen, but security showed her


Sia is apparently such a huge fan of CBS’ “Survivor” that she has “Sia Award,”

worth $100,000. music-news.com recapped what happened on the show. Host

Jeff Probst said that, "she created her own award. The Sia Award, which she

gives to the contestant she was most entertained by.” He then revealed that this

year’s winner was Rick Devens.


We know Ben Affleck isn't doing it anymore, but now we're hearing from Variety

that "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson is their top choice to play the next "Batman."

Warner Brothers has not commented on the report. If it is him, the 32-year-old

Pattinson will become the youngest actor to ever play the superhero on the big


A New York Appeals court has decided not to unseal certain documents from

Harvey Weinstein's trial. The documents are from the hearing about alleged

assault victim testimonies unrelated to his criminal charges. Variety says that the

court has determined that the evidence could taint the jury pool because the case

is so widely publicized.

Michael Jackson's sons have started a YouTube series. Prince Jackson

announced on Instagram that he has joined his brother Bigi (formerly known as

"Blanket") and their cousin Taj Jackson in launching a movie review show. The

first episode is for the new "Avengers" movie. You can watch them chat about it

and eat pizza on YouTube.

Britney Spears' conservatorship is going to be investigated. And it's not just her

being investigate, they are also going to look into all the guardians involved, like

her father Jamie. Entertainment Tonight found that the court wants to make the

best decision regarding her case.

Apparently, Britney wants to prove to people that she can still perform, because

she just uploaded a video to Instagram showing her dancing an elaborate routineto Michael & Janet Jackson's "Scream."