Dina's Dirt For August 13, 2019.

Tuesday, August 13th

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Alex Rodriguez has learned the hard way not to leave valuables in his car. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, thieves in San Francisco got away with about half a million dollars-worth of jewelry and electronics while he was in town for the Giants-Phillies game Sunday night. Police say a camera, a laptop, miscellaneous jewelry, and a bag were among the items stolen. Alex and his ESPN colleagues were having dinner when it happened.

Jennifer Garner is mourning the death of another pet chicken. Jen posted video on Instagram and wrote, "I've got to get Gonnyi to the hospital, quick. I've never been a chicken, but I know this isn't right. Part of her insides are coming out in the wrong way. This is not what the Lord had in mind for this chicken." She then wrote, "Gonnyi suffered a prolapsed rectum and another undetermined mass in her nether regions. She will be dearly missed but is resting peacefully." In April, another of Jennifer’s pet chickens passed away.

TMZ reports that Aaron Carter's ex-girlfriend is now a suspect in a domestic violence report involving Aaron. When police came by for a welfare check earlier this week, they saw a bruise on his face. Aaron said it happened on July 31 when he and Lina got into a fight at his place and she slapped him hard enough to leave a bruise that lasted this long. Now, police are investigating her.

Comedienne Whitney Cummings, creator of “2 Broke Girls,” “Whitney” (in which she starred), and producer and writer for the ABC revival of “Roseanne,” just proved that she won’t be pushed around, even if it means posting her own nudes. On Twitter, Whitney explained that she accidentally posted an NSFW photo to her Instagram story that showed off one of the twins. Of course, once she realized what happened she immediately took it down, but not in enough time to stop some trolls from grabbing those screenshots. Soon enough, they hit up Whitney thinking they could get some money out of her. But instead, Whitney reposted the picture and wrote, “They must think I’m way more famous than I am, but they also must think I’m way more easily intimidated than I am.” What’s funny about it is that people were more interested in what she was holding in her hand – an onion, an oddly shaped bar of soap or loofah, or as one person suggested, a urinal cake. We don’t know if she should consider herself lucky or insulted that people are more concerned with what’s in her hand.

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Katy Perry is being accused of sexual harassment by the co-star of her “Teenage Dream” video. In a series of Instagram posts, model Josh Kloss admitted that although he had a crush on Katy, she took things too far at a party. He said, “She pulled my Adidas sweats and underwear out as far as she could to show a couple of her guy friends and the crowd around us, my [privates].” Josh said he never talked about it before because Katy’s reps pressured him into “not discussing a single thing about anything regarding Katy publicly.” But as the video is about to celebrate its ninth anniversary he decided, “I’m not helping her bs image another second.” He added, “I just say this now because our culture is set on proving men of power are perverse, but females with power are just as disgusting,” also noting, “So, happy anniversary to one of the most confusing, assaulting, and belittling jobs I’ve ever done.”

Alanis Morissette and her husband welcomed their third child on August 8th, a son, who they named Winter Mercy. Winter joins the couple's two other children, eight-year-old brother Ever Imre and three-year-old sister Onyx Solace. In more baby news, singer Christina Milian and her boyfriend, Matt Pokora, announced at a gender reveal party that they’ll be having a baby boy. The couple appeared more than thrilled after blue powder and confetti exploded everywhere, as did Christina’s 9-year-old daughter, Violet, who predicted she’d have a little brother.

Nicki Minaj revealed that she and boyfriend Kenneth Petty will be married within 80 days. Nicki addressed the rumors that the two filed for yet another marriage license, explaining, “We still had to pick it up and I was traveling, by the time I came back, we had to renew it again. From that time, you have 90 days to get married. That was about a week ago, so now I have about 80 days.” As for what to expect, Nicki said they’re planning on a small, intimate ceremony and will celebrate with a bigger wedding as her schedule becomes less busy. She noted, “I have to work on my album and I have a lot to focus on that I don’t want to do the big wedding now. We’ll do the big wedding later.” But she did say, “I’ll be married before my album comes out but will have my wedding after the album comes out. Before the 90 days is over, yes, I will be married.”

“Friends” is celebrating its 25th anniversary by heading for theaters for the first time ever. The sitcom, which originally aired on NBC, will show 12 episodes at more than 1,000 movie theaters across the country. Four remastered episodes will be shown a day on September 23rd, 28th and October 2nd. Tickets go on sale on Friday. So far, it hasn’t been revealed which episodes will be shown, but to narrow it down to 12 will be quite difficult, for sure. Finally, movies my entire family will want to see together!

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Ed Sheeran is such a huge Heinz Ketchup fan that he’s got a tattoo of the bottle on his arm. Well, in a new twist, now that tat is being featured on a bottle of Ketchup. Super limited-edition bottles of Ketchup, dubbed “Ed Sheeran X Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Tattoo Edition,” features a replica of Ed’s tattoo sleeve. Only 150 bottles, autographed by Ed, will go on sale, with each one coming in a Collector’s Edition speaker box. And the first three of those bottles will be auctioned off Thursday at a special event at Christie’s in London, with proceeds going to two charities, one picked by Ed, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices, and the other by Heinz, Rise Against Hunger.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth released a statement that they were separating, but the split may not have been as mutual as they are implying. According to a source, Miley surprised Liam with the separation after going through a rough patch over the last few months. In the meantime, Liam is in Australia with his family, and he has finally issued his own statement regarding the split. He wrote on Instagram, alongside a picture of a sunset, “Hi all. Just a quick note to say that Miley and I have recently separated and I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward. This is a private matter and I have not made, nor will I be making, any comments to any journalists or media outlets. Any reported quotes attributed to me are false. Peace and Love.”

As we previously told you, Taylor Swift and model Karlie Kloss seem to have had a falling out, and now a new report in the New York Post claims it’s because Karlie took advantage of Taylor’s generosity. While Taylor often allowed Karlie to stay in her New York pad, sources say Tay was “furious” to discover the model had friends over without asking first. Although both sides deny the report, an insider notes, “Taylor got upset over something crazy and then she just alienated Karlie,” adding that Taylor basically overacted to the situation.

“BH90210” premiered on Wednesday, and it was just announced by Fox Network that the show is this summer’s highest-rated series debut (maybe not a lot of shows debuted this summer?). In the meantime, besides the main characters, many guest stars are coming back for an appearance on the show, but there’s one actress we won’t be seeing in the reboot - Hilary Swank. RadarOnline.com reports from a source, “She still feels slighted to this day by the way she was treated as a young actress by the show’s producers. The way they gave her the boot totally crushed her, and for a little while she considered never acting again.” Hilary joined the cast of “Beverly Hills 90210” in Season 8, playing single mom Carly Reynolds, love interest to Ian Ziering‘s character, Steve Sanders. But there was a reason the producers dumped her character - fans wrote letters to producers saying they didn’t like her character. According to the source, “She heard they were going to approach her for a cameo on the new series, and she instructed her people to send word back that she would absolutely not consider their offer.” The source also threw in, “Hilary’s a nice person, but a small part of her still gets a kick out of the fact that she became an Oscar-winning star while the rest of her former castmates, who were perceived as better than her, are still desperately clinging to a 90s TV show.” Well now she’s definitely not getting asked to join this summer’s highest-rated series!