Dina's Dirt For December 11, 2019.

Wednesday, December 11th

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively wedding photos from 2012 at the Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston have been banned from many popular sites, like Pinterest and The Knot, according to AceShowbiz. They are banning those photos because they no longer feature weddings that took place at plantations. According to the civil rights group Color of Change, "Plantations are physical reminders of one of the most horrific human rights abuses the world has ever seen." They wrote to the sites, "The decision to glorify plantations as nostalgic sites of celebration is not an empowering one for the Black women and justice-minded people who use your site. The wedding industry routinely denies the violent conditions Black people faced under chattel slavery by promoting plantations as romantic places to marry."

Ron Leibman, the Emmy-winning actor who played Rachel Green’s father, Dr. Leonard Green, on "Friends," has died. He was 82. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ron died on Friday after battling pneumonia. Initially, Ron had turned down the role, explaining in an interview with the A.V. Club in 2011, “I had never seen the show when they asked me to do it. I’m not a big television-watcher. It sounded stupid to me, so I turned it down.” But his daughter was a fan of Friends, so he changed his mind. He explained, “I said, ‘All right. I’ll do it. I’ll do it once, but that’s all I’m doing.’ So I did and had a very nice time, and they asked me back, and my daughter did get to meet those kids, so I was a big hero in the house.” He admitted his role as Dr. Green was probably his most well-recognized from his decades-long career.
Also, we say goodbye to Roxette star Marie Fredriksson. AceShowbiz reports that the Swedish pop star passed away on Monday after a long illness. She was 61. Roxette is best known for their iconic 1986 hit "It Must Have Been Love."

Cuba Gooding Jr. is facing even more sexual misconduct allegations. Seven more women have come forward, bringing the total number of women accusing him to 22. At this point, Cuba has only been indicted on criminal charges for three separate incidents in New York City. Prosecutors aren’t necessarily interested in charging him in the new cases. Instead, they want to use them to strengthen their case against him. According to TMZ, Cuba has already pled not guilty to all charges.

AceShowbiz reports that Jason Derulo has been offered $500,000 to go into adult film. The offer came after Instagram moderators pulled a photo Jason posted of himself in his boxers. Fans loved the photo and hated on Instagram for taking down the photo of him down for breaking their rules. But now, according to TMZ, and adult website has offered Jason $500,000 to share suggestive pictures over six months – he wouldn’t even have to go nude. In the meantime, Jason is starring in “Cats” with Taylor Swift, and if you’re missing the photo of him in his boxers, those cat suits are pretty tight, just sayin’…
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Ryan Reynolds is helping out the Peloton commercial actress Monica Ruiz, according to AceShowbiz. In the ad, a woman receives an exercise bike as a Christmas gift from her husband. People slammed the commercial because it appeared the woman, who is stick thin, was working very hard over the course of a year's time to lose a few pounds. While most people were angry, Ryan took a different spin (pun intended), making his own version of the commercial called "The Gift That Doesn't Give Back," promoting his alcohol brand, Aviation Gin. Speaking to The New York Times, he said the reason was, "As an actor, I can certainly relate to creating a piece of content or being part of something that's not well-received, and how alienating that can feel. We had immense respect for any reservations she might have had. We don't want to make the situation any worse for her."

Here's your "criminal activity" recap;
- Bill Cosby lost his appeal. His legal team has asked the court to overturn his conviction on three counts of aggravated indecent, which they denied, meaning Bill is left to serve his three-to-ten-year sentence. According to Page Six, his team has said that they’ll take their appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and Bill's wife, Camille Cosby said, “I can assure you that our personal battle against clear, racist, incestuous vindictiveness, within the Pennsylvania criminal justice systems, is not over.”
- Henry Thomas, aka Elliott from "E.T." allegedly tampered with his urine test when he was arrested in October for DUI. TMZ got their hands on a report that claims he filled his cup with toilet water. Of course, this matters not since he took the plea deal in the end.
- "21 Jump Street" star Richard Grieco was hauled away in handcuffs by the airport police after being denied boarding a flight for being too drunk, according to TMZ.

Time for another Bachelor Nation baby. Ashley Salter is pregnant and expecting her second child with husband Austin Brannen. She announced her big news with a photo of herself, Austin, and their 3½-year-old son, Brooks Hartman, on vacation at The Cove Atlantis in the Bahamas — the same place they got married in 2016.

Meghan Markle's friend, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, has been ordered by the palace to stop using pics of the Duchess of Sussex to promote her jewelry line. Jen, who you may know as Tobey Maguire’s ex-wife, had been repeatedly using photos of Meghan for social media posts advertising her creations, the same thing she does with her other celeb friends, like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson. But when it comes to Meghan being a British Royal now, a senior palace spokesman has confirmed that Jen was in breach of a non-disclosure agreement, according to Page Six.
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James Blunt has found a kidney donor for his father after appearing on "Good Morning Britain" in October. James wasn't a match for his dad Charles Blount, who needs an organ transplant due to chronic kidney disease, according to AceShowbiz. But now, his dad is getting a kidney! James said, "Remarkably, a couple of people have come forward and offered him a kidney, and we are pretty sure we have found a match." James recorded a song about his father, "Monsters," for his new album "Once Upon a Mind", and he has released "Monsters" as a single, with all the proceeds from its sale going to U.K. armed forces charity Help for Heroes. James has been a long-time supporter of the charity - both he and his father served in the British military.

We previously reported that an artist at Miami Art Basel this year duct-taped a banana to the wall and price-tagged it for $120,000. Understandably, the art went viral, and Hollywood stars are going just as “bananas” over it as the Twitterverse. Brooke Shields, Gayle King, and Kelly Ripa are among the celebrities parodying the piece. Brooke posted a selfie on Instagram with a banana taped to her forehead and captioned it, “an expensive selfie." Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are taking bids for their piece, titled “Art Bagel,” with proceeds going to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. It’s a framed bagel duct-taped to some paper.

Savannah Guthrie has been out from the “Today” show as her eye heals. Savannah tore the retina in her right eye, well, technically, her 3-year-old son Charley did it by throwing a toy train which hit her eye. Back in November, she said, “It happened last week, actually, and then I lost my vision in my right eye about 24 hours later. It turned out to be kind of serious. They were afraid my retina would detach. They told me to just take it easy and they’ve been doing a bunch of laser procedures to avoid having to do the whole surgery. I really did lose my vision in my right eye It was so blurry from — not to get too gross — but there was so much blood in my eye that it completely blocked my vision.” She still hosted the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City on November 28, but since then, Savannah has been undergoing laser surgeries almost every day to reattach her retina ever since.

Chrissy Teigen is an open book – you ask, she’ll answer. Chrissy was answering some fan questions, and she had no problem talking about her entitled life. When asked if her assistants live with her family, Chrissy said, “We have a house manager who works at the house all day to handle our lives and day to day business, packages, scheduling for household staff etc.” She also doesn’t have to deal with mail like regular people do. Chrissy explained, “I have a business accountant who handles everything and sends me summaries of my spending/income. I don’t get mail.” Really, there’s not much she does on her own. Chrissy admitted, “Assistant does a lot. But it’s funny when it’s the assistant’s bday and you gotta go yourself.” Yeah, rich people problems – I’ll just never understand.