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Thursday, February 13th

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LeBron James’ I PROMISE network class recently received a life changing surprise. A video posted by Kent State University in Northeast Ohio shows the juniors – who will be the school’s first graduating class – going through what they thought was a regular college tour. During a presentation, Kent State President Todd Diacon asked the class to look under their seats. The kids were immediately filled with shock and excitement when it was revealed that the entire class of 193 students would receive free tuition for four years plus free room and board for one year. Todd said, “We are doing this because we know the transformative power of higher education and a college degree.” Get more with TMZ.

Congratulations may be in order for Joe Jonas and his wife, “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner. According to several online reports, the couple is expecting their first child. So far, they haven't confirmed the news. A source told Just Jared, “The couple is keeping things very hush hush but their friends and family are super excited for them." Another insider added, “Sophie has decidedly been choosing outfits to wear on and off the carpet to accommodate her changing body.” Just last week, Sophie was spotted wearing a loose coat while stepping out with Joe in London. Joe and Sophie have been married since May, 2019, tying the knot in Las Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards. They then had a huge wedding in France in June.

It looks like Rick Moranis is returning to the “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” franchise. He’s signed on to be in Disney’s upcoming “Shrunk” reboot. Josh Gad, who’ll play the son of Rick’s original character, is super excited. “To say it is a dream come true to once again see Rick Moranis on the big screen is the understatement of the decade,” he shared, adding, “But to say, I get an up seat view of him returning to play one of his most iconic roles is the understatement of the Century.”

Jeff Bezos has broken the record for the most expensive property sale in Los Angeles, California after buying David Geffen’s massive Beverly Hills estate for $165 million. Before David Geffen, the nine-acre, 13,600-square-foot property used to belong to Warner Bros founder and president Jack L. Warner in the 1930s. It has multiple guest houses, greenhouses, a tennis court, a swimming pool, a nine-hole golf course, and a huge garage with gas pumps. The craziest part? Jeff dropped less than 3% of the $13 billion he made LAST MONTH. It sounds like such an amazing property that Disneyland may have some competition for hottest destination in CA.

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Scarlett Johansson have topped the annual list of the highest-paid Hollywood stars, according to AceShowbiz. They also topped last year's list too. Here's who made the cut this year;

The World's Highest-Paid Actors of 2019

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) - $89.4 M

Chris Hemsworth - $76.4 M

Robert Downey Jr. - $66 M

Akshay Kumar - $65 M

Jackie Chan - $58 M

Bradley Cooper- $57 M

Adam Sandler - $57 M

Chris Evans - $43.5 M

Paul Rudd - $41 M

Will Smith - $35 M

The World's Highest-Paid Actresses of 2019

Scarlett Johansson - $56 M

Sofia Vergara - $44.1 M

Reese Witherspoon - $35 M

Nicole Kidman - $34 M

Jennifer Aniston - $28 M

Kaley Cuoco - $25 M

Elisabeth Moss - $24 M

Margot Robbie - $23.5 M

Charlize Theron - $23 M

Ellen Pompeo - $22 M

It's years later, but Kim Kardashian is finally ready to share exactly what she went through when she was pregnant with her daughter, North. While appearing on the All Fair’s podcast, Kim said, “I thought I had a miscarriage... I went in [to the doctor's office] and there was no heartbeat. But when he had her come on Thanksgiving morning for the miscarriage procedure, he found there was a heartbeat after all. Kim said, "I was like, ‘This is a sign, it’s Thanksgiving morning.’” And that's not all she went through. Kim had preeclampsia (high blood pressure, swelling of hands and feet, and protein in urine) and explained, “The only way to get rid of it is to deliver the baby. At 34 and a half weeks, I had to go into emergency labor — they induced me. North was 4 pounds. She was almost six weeks early. After I delivered, my placenta never came out, so that’s called placenta accreta. My placenta grew inside my uterus, and that is what women die from in childbirth.” After welcoming North, Kim gave birth to her son, Saint, in December 2015, but that wasn't without its own set of complications. The couple then welcomed daughter Chicago and son Psalm via surrogacy after Kim underwent five surgeries following the birth of Saint. She said, “I’m so thankful for surrogates. I’m really thankful for my family. I grew up with so many siblings. I just loved being in a big environment. I would have gone through the same pain and back for the result of having my babies. It was all worth it.”

Justin Bieber has inadvertently helped bring in money for the MambaOnThree Fund, which helps support the families of the seven other victims who died in the helicopter crash with Kobe and Gigi Bryant. According to TMZ, Justin recently purchased some Kobe-inspired cartoon artwork from Idiot Box Art, which features a teddy bear wearing a Mamba hoodie under Kobe's #8 Lakers jersey. He paid $1,200 for it, and once fans found out about the purchase, they wanted in on it too. So, the owners, Emily Bright and Tamara Martin, then decided to produce miniature versions of the art to help the fund. They have been selling the mini versions for $200 each and have been donating 24% of the profits (in tribute to Kobe’s Lakers number) to the fund. Over two days, they sold 260 mini versions, which resulted in a donation of $12,480.

Michael Lohan was arraigned in Southampton, New York yesterday after he was arrested earlier in the week for allegedly assaulting his wife, Kate Major. Of his arrest, Michael said, “I adamantly denied that ever happened.” At the arraignment, Michael told the court Kate “should be in some kind of treatment,” but that fell on deaf ears. Michael was reportedly ordered to wear an electronic GPS ankle bracelet.

Justin Timberlake is reportedly still working hard to mend his relationship with wife Jessica Biel, following the “strong lapse in judgment” of getting caught holding hands with his “Palmer” co-star Alisha Wright. A source told Us Weekly, “He’s bending over backwards to get Jessica to forgive him and to make sure he’s there for her and Silas." As for the ways he’s doing that, apparently it involves a lot of gifts. The insider said he's been pampering Jess with “flowers, massages and weekend getaways,” and he’s also been sending her, “lots of sweet texts and telling her she’s the hottest wife and mom in the world.” He should have been doing this all along, and not just as an apology, if you ask me. But, as long as she's enjoying it....

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"Bachelorette" star Trista Sutter recently shared on Instagram that she just had surgery “to fix a broken tibia, torn ligament and syndesmosis tear” after she “rolled left foot while all weight crunched down on it.” It happened when she was playing tennis with friends. She explained, “I had never broken a bone before, but leave it to me (and Murphy’s freaking law) to break my ankle 3 days into not having insurance. We’re all good thanks to Cobra, but ugh!” She added, “My anesthesiologist did the best job ever with a concoction that left me with no pain or nausea (and I am THE biggest wimp EVER!).” Wait 'til it wears off though...

We told you Rick Moranis is returning as Wayne Szalinski in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" for the reboot, starring Josh Gad as the son all grown up, marking Rick's return to the big screen since 1996’s "Big Bully." Many people wondered why it's taken so long for Rick to take on another role, and the reason is that he took a break from Hollywood a year after his wife died in February 1991 of breast cancer. Rick was focused on being a single father, but he said he never actually retired. He told the Hollywood Reporter in 2015, “I took a break, which turned into a longer break, but I’m interested in anything that I would find interesting. I still get the occasional query about a film or television role, and as soon as one comes along that piques my interest...” It sounds like he missed the limelight, adding, “Stuff happens to people all the time, and people make adjustments, change careers, move to another city. Really, that’s all I did. i was working with really interesting people, wonderful people. I went from that to being at home with a couple of little kids, which is a very different lifestyle. But it was important to me.” He added, “I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. My life is wonderful.” As for all the roles he's turned down, he explained, "Yes, I am picky, and I’ll continue to be picky. Picky has worked for me.”

Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Chapman isn’t living with his rumored – and then debunked – GF Moon Angell anymore. TMZ reports that she’s moved out after helping Dog cope as he grieved the loss of his late wife Beth. That should make his daughter happy as she always suspected Moon was taking advantage of Dog.

AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys said Ryan Gosling was convinced the group would fail, according to AceShowbiz. AJ said on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," "We used to live in the same apartment complex when he was doing 'The Mickey Mouse Club,' Him, Justin (Timberlake), Christina (Aguilera), Britney (Spears), all of them (lived in the building). We were playing basketball almost every other day. The [Backstreet Boys] had started. I kept telling [Ryan] how big this was gonna be. And he’s like, 'Dude. New Kids (on the Block) already did it. This is never gonna work. Just shoot the ball.'" AJ added, "Cut to he was wrong and it did work," though Nick Carter added, "It worked out for [Ryan] too." The Backstreet Boys ended up selling more than 100 million albums worldwide, so in your face, Ryan Gosling! That that and stuff it in your Mickey Mouse hat!