Dina's Dirt For January 11, 2021.

Monday, January 11th

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“Vanderpump Rules” star Lisa Vanderpump’s husband, Ken Todd, got vaccinated already at a clinic, even though he wasn’t scheduled to be yet. He’s 75 and has two underlying health conditions, but the real reason he got it before others is because there’s supposedly a waiting list at the clinic he went to. TMZ reports that some clinics in CA have had vaccines set aside for healthcare workers who have made appointments to come in, but some have skipped their appointments. Rather than have the prepared vaccine spoil, they’ve set up a waitlist for those who want it now. Read more with tmz.com.

Miley Cyrus wished her little sister, Noah, a happy 21st birthday on Friday, but she also thanked her for all she’s done to look after her. Miley wrote, "I love you baby sister turned big sister. The day you were born I never knew that one day the roles would be reversed and you would be the one taking care of me,” adding, "You lead me to making the hard but right decisions. You'll have many more of those choices in your own life & I am here for you every step of the way ... love you always." You can see the cute posts at AceShowbiz.com. Miley also credits her sister for helping her through losing her dog recently, Mary Jane. Miley even wrote a ballad in her dog’s honor, “Mary Jane 5EVER,” and released it on Instagram featuring videos and photos of their lives together.

Chrissy Metz and her boyfriend, Bradley Collins, look like a trip down the aisle may be in their future. The “This is Us” star was seen wearing a ring on that finger. As we told you, Chrissy and Bradley have been dating since May.

While some reports suggested the pair's split actually happened in early 2020, others insist they were still together in the fall, when Olivia started shooting “Don't Worry Darling” with Harry. A source said, “[Olivia] began filming in September, and by October, [Jason] began to get the impression that she wanted out. By November, they'd announced their split.” On the flip, another insider claims Olivia and Jason broke up in early 2020. Either way, Jason is said to be “absolutely heartbroken” and “he would like to have hope that maybe there's a way for them to repair things.” Meanwhile, Harry is trying to figure out who in his inner circle leaked the news of his new relationship. He has started to plant fake stories with those around him to see if they turn up in the press, according to People.

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Who would ever call a car accident “pleasant?” Tessa Thompson from “Westworld” and “Thor” said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" that she got into a car accident on her way out for a relaxing trip to a mountain cabin on New Year’s Eve. She said, "I got hit by a big monster truck on the highway…. but I'm safe, obviously, and actually, the driver was very lovely in the end." She said it was more "pleasant" than other car accidents she’s been in, explaining, "I feel like I'm so used to car accidents because I was born and raised in Los Angeles, so it feels like accidents are my birthright. I've had many of them. But this was a pleasant one." In the meantime, Tessa’s about to go into quarantine so she can film “Thor: Love and Thunder.” She said, “I leave to Australia in a couple days…You get escorted by police to a quarantine facility and stay there for 14 days while you’re monitored.”

Celebrities we’ve lost
Dave Creek, the lead character designer on the animated comedy "Bob's Burgers," died on Thursday after a skydiving accident. He had worked on "Bob's Burgers" from the beginning of the show in 20o1, as well as "Central Park," "Brickleberry," and the movie "Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown." He was 42.
Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Payman Simoni, who has been featured on the show "The Doctors,” passed away from COVID-19. According to TMZ, the doctor had been doing a lip injection on a woman last and she coughed in his face. He had his mask on, but still, that’s not 100% protection.
John Reilly, who played Sean Donely in “General Hospital,” passed away at the age of 84. He was also known for his roles on and “Beverly Hills, 90210,” “Dallas,” “Sunset Boulevard,” and “Passions.”
Acclaimed British director Michael Apted has died at the age of 79. The director was known for his work on the “Up” documentary series as well as the Loretta Lynn biopic “Coal Miner’s Daughter” and Bond film “The World Is Not Enough.” He is survived by his widow Paige Simpson and four children.

What did Elon Musk have to say about becoming the richest person in the world? He tweeted "how strange" and "well, now back to work.” Elon is now worth more than $188 billion, with Tesla’s shares continuing to climb. In the meantime, Elon Musk’s baby mama, singer Grimes, has tested positive for coronavirus. According to AceShowbiz, she said on social media, "Finally got COVID but weirdly enjoying the Dayquil fever dream 2021."

Madonna is writing her biopic with Diablo Cody, and she’s already on the lookout for the “perfect” actress to portray her in the movie. According to a report in The Mirror, two actresses are considered the top contenders to play the Material Girl on screen - “Little Women” actress Florence Pugh and “Ozark’s” Julia Garner. An insider said, “Realistically, there are only a couple of people in town who could pull this role off. The bosses who are helping put the movie together want Florence, and nobody doubts that she could be amazing. On the other hand, fans and the press have already weighed in, and, from that perspective, Julia is their frontrunner because she is such a dead ringer for early-career Madonna.” In the end, Madonna, who is also directing the film, is the one who’ll make “the final decision, and I doubt anyone wants to argue with her about it.

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It looks like Michael B Jordan is officially off the market. So, which woman gets the honor of dating People’s Sexiest Man Alive? The Sexiest Man Alive went Instagram official with Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey’s daughter. He posted two photos, including one with them smiling at one another in close embrace, and she also shared a couple of shots of the two of them on her IG.

Baby news…
Former “Vanderpump Rules” star Stassi Schroeder and her husband, casting director Beau Clark, welcomed their first child together, a daughter, whose name is…. wait for it… Hartford Charlie Rose Clark. Yes, like the disgraced former host of “60 Minutes” who has been accused of sexual misconduct by over 30 women. According to People, Hartford’s middle names were chosen to honor Beau’s father and Stassi’s grandmother. They couldn’t have switched them around?
“Entourage” star Kevin Connolly is expecting his first child with Colombian actress Zulay Henao. She revealed that she is 18 weeks. The news comes just weeks after Kevin’s “Entourage” co-star Jerry Ferrara announced that he was expecting his second child with his wife Breanna Racano.
"Big Brother" alums Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo. The winner of season 18 announced on her Instagram account that she's expecting her first child with fiance - and former rival - Victor Arroyo.
And, no baby news yet, but Priyanka Chopra is thinking about her future with Nick Jonas, and she sees a lot of kids. In a new interview, Priyanka says she wants “as many” children as she can have with Nick, maybe as much as “a cricket team,” which has 11 players.

Katy Perry's alleged stalker missed a hearing in his trespassing case. Now, according to TMZ, there’s a warrant out for his arrest. But the big issue is that this guy has threatened Katy’s family before, even getting onto her property before while she and her baby were home, and no one knows where he is.

Paula Abdul talked about the first time she met Keanu Reeves, and all we can say is… lucky! Keanu, who was just starting out in Hollywood, was hired to star in Paula’s video for “Rush, Rush.” She said on “The Talk,” the first time they met was on set, explaining, "I went to introduce myself and I heard music playing, and the door to his trailer was slightly ajar. I knocked on it. Nothing. I slowly pushed it open and he had headphones on and he was full-on air guitaring in his underwear." See the video of her interview at aceshowbiz.com. I wish now, more than ever, that I was Paula Abdul.