Dina's Dirt For January 12, 2021.

Tuesday, January 12th

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Ricky Gervais from "The Office" turned down the chance to become the first comedian to perform a comedy show outside of earth’s atmosphere, according to AceShowbiz. He was invited to perform a 15-minute set, explaining, "It was like a group of billionaires and they offered me the chance to be the first comedian to do a stand-up show in space. I went, 'No, I am not going to risk it. I am careful crossing the road.'" Ricky also didn’t thing the billionaires would find his humor amusing, and he also figured they’d be too distracted looking out the windows anyway.

Joe Biden’s German Shepherd, Major, a is getting honored by the Delaware shelter where the Bidens rescued him. This Sunday on Zoom, the Delaware Humane Association is holding an "indoguration" to honor Major and as a way to raise money for other rescue dogs, according to TMZ.

Sean "Diddy" Combs’ home was broken into. According to TMZ, a side door had been pried open, which set off the security system. A caretaker discovered the break-in and found the place ransacked, though it’s not known yet what was stolen.

HBO Max has confirmed the “Sex and the City” revival. The series will be ten half-hour episodes and starts shooting in the spring. No Kim Cattrall, though. Buzzfeed reports that when one Instagram commenter brought up that SJP didn’t tag Kim Cattrall in her post regarding the revival, Sarah responded, “No. I don’t dislike her. I’ve never said that. Never would. Samantha isn’t part of this story. But she will always be part of us. No matter where we are or what we do. X.” Mm-hmm…

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Kate Hudson has set a 2021 goal for her and her brother. She wants to connect with her brother from another mother – and sisters too. On the most recent episode of Sibling Rivelry, Kate and her older brother, Oliver Hudson, talked about their estranged father, Bill Hudson, and how they need to connect with his other children. She said, “I’ve been thinking a lot about the Hudsons, thinking that it’s important that we reach out with all of our siblings and maybe connect with them a little bit.” What a family barbecue that would be!

Kristin Cavallari and comedian Jeff Dye are officially a thing! We told you before that the two have hardly been keeping it a secret they’re an item, but now they’ve gone from 0 to 60 and declared their love for each other live on Instagram. During the live, Jeff called Kristin “babe,” and they said “I love you” to each other before hanging up.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tracy Chapman has accepted a settlement of $450,000 from Nicki Minaj for sampling her song "Baby Can I Hold You” without permission rather than go to court. The documents also allege that Nicki “illicitly leaked” the song or at least was aware of the leak even after Tracy denied use of the song. It’s also said that Nicki’s team knew that Tracy’s name was on a “do not sample list.”

“Beauty and the Beast” actor Luke Evans has confirmed that he and his boyfriend Rafael Olarra have split after nearly a year since they went public with their relationship.
Former Destiny’s Child singer LeToya Luckett and Tommicus Walker, who welcomed their second child four months ago, have decided to get a divorce.

Jeff Bezos is back on top – and Elon Musk's run as the richest person on Earth is over...at least for now. The founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX saw his fortune fall by nearly $4 billion on Monday, dropping him behind Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Musk's net worth took a hit as shares in his electric car company fell by nearly 8%. It was a short-lived reign, as Elon Musk moved ahead of Jeff Bezos on Friday but now trails him by about $6 billion.

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Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson might’ve dropped as much as $700,000 for his new video. For his latest stunt, the generous YouTuber bought out five stores and donated the inventories to charity. Mr Beast managed to fill eight U-Hauls with food from a grocery store, bought out an entire GameStop, emptied a clothing store, and even bought out a car lot – and all that merch went to charities and people in need. And the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to make the video possible? It all came out of Mr Beast’s pocket rather than a sponsor.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have shut down their Sussex Royal social media accounts, and The Times reports they’re “very unlikely” to return to social media, especially after the onslaught of hate and trolling directed at them, what Megan called “almost unsurvivable." They’re not even using social media for their new non-profit, the Archewell Foundation. But while the couple is stepping away from social media, they’re reconnecting with the royal family. According to a new report, Harry and Megan will reportedly attend the Trooping the Color event in London this June to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's 95th birthday, which will be their first reunion with the royal family since giving up their titles.

Tayshia Adams and her “Bachelorette” pick Zac Clark spent their Sunday running New York Road Runner’s Virtual Resolution Run 5K in Central Park for charity, crossing the finish line after 3.1 miles. Fellow Bachelor Nation star Joe Park was there, too, jokingly running up to the couple at one point to ask for an autograph. It’s so nice to hear they’re still together after three whole weeks since the show ended.

Rowan Atkinson and “Mr. Bean” creator Richard Curtis have put a little something together to celebrate the character’s 30th anniversary, recounting their favorite moments. But one not-so-happy moment they recall has something to do with “Friends.” In “Happy Birthday Mr. Bean,” star Rowan Atkinson talked about the 1997 film “Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie,” which featured a scene where Mr. Bean gets a turkey stuck on his head, a gag originally from the 1992 episode “Merry Christmas Mr. Bean.” He said “Friends” stole their gag for their episode “The One with All the Thanksgivings” in 1998, with Joey getting a turkey stuck on his head and then Monica later putting the turkey on her head as well. Rowan said that led US audiences to believe that the UK’s Mr. Bean stole the bit from “Friends,” rather than the other way around. He was fine with it though, saying good comedy is meant to be stolen. I don’t think most comedians would agree with him.