Dina's Dirt for July 6, 2020

Monday, July 6th


Just when you think you’ve heard everything, Kanye West announces a 2020 presidential run. He took to Twitter to announce his candidacy. 

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision, and building our future,” ‘Ye said. “I am running for president of the United States,” adding the hashtag, #2020Vision. 

Some people are skeptical, but Tech giant Elon Musk immediately jumped on the bandwagon with, “You have my full support.” Although Mark Cuban has officially endorsed Joe Biden, he said that he’d vote for Kanye over Donald Trump. And his wife retweeted his announcement. Meanwhile, the candidate himself hasn’t elaborated on what he plans to do. 

On a serious note, it’s actually pretty late for ‘Ye to enter the race. It’s unclear if he’s filed the necessary paperwork, which would mean he’d have to run as a write-in candidate. Also, it’s too late for him to get on the ballot as an independent candidate in Indiana, Maine, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, and Texas. 


Hugh Downs was known for many things over the course of his career, but what he’d like people to remember? That he was honest and “did some good.” According to the Wall Street Journal, Downs passed away this past Wednesday at the age of 99 – and many would say his honesty was a marker.

But he was also a true pioneer. A prolific broadcaster and author, Downs also famously championed the career of Barbara Walters – essentially giving her a big break on NBC’s “Today.” Later, he and Walters re-teamed for ABC’s “20/20” – where they became one of the longest lasting duos in the business.

As for his secret to success? “I can be on 10,000 hours and no one will get sick of me because I’m not exploiting a talent,” Downs offered during a 1997 interview with the Archive of American Television. “I’m just a human being trying to represent other human beings on the other side of the tube. People can tolerate a lot of that.” Ruth Shaheen Downs, Downs' wife of 73 years died in 2017 at the age of 95. He is survived by his children, Hugh and Deirdre; his brother, Wallace; and two grandchildren.


One Direction singer Liam Payne made a virtual call to a 13-year-old after she was honored yesterday with the Diana Award, established in memory of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Madihah Nehar is being recognized for her work campaigning for children's rights. Madihah, who fights for kids to have “the right to a voice, the right to an education, and the right to the environment," said it was an "honor" to be recognized in Diana's memory. She said, "I think she was a really beautiful person. I think she was the kind of person that made everybody feel really at ease,” Liam said of Diana. “She always had that look in her eye that things were always going to get better."


What’s really going on with RuPaul? People reports that he’s not only deactivated his Twitter account, but he’s also deleted every post from his Instagram. His rep is staying mum on the subject. 

Meanwhile, fans everywhere are having a fit. While most are just questioning it, at least one suggested that his account might have been hacked. 

Here’s what’s really crazy — while Ru’s personal accounts have been scrubbed, the official “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Instagram is still intact. We’ll keep an eye on this one for you…



Did you know that John Krasinski wore a wig during season three of “The Office?” Apparently he was filming “Leatherheads” in 2008 and his character required a shorter haircut, according to Us Weekly.

When John came back to do “The Office” that year, showrunner Greg Daniels vetoed the idea of him wearing a hairpiece. According to the show’s hairstylist, Kim Ferry, her friend, Natascha Ladek, made a human hair wig that was practically undetectable. 

John went to Greg again to ask about the wig. In the meeting, which also included producer Kent Zbornak and writer-actor BJ Novack, Greg said, “I would know if you’re wearing a wig.” That’s when John said, “I don’t think you would.” Kim said, “That’s when he ripped it off and shut it down.” 


Jennifer Grey and her husband, Clark Gregg, are calling it quits after 19 years. In their Instagram announcement, they revealed that they separated in January. “We recently made the difficult decision to divorce, but we remain close and are deeply grateful for the life we’ve shared and the wonderful daughter we’ve raised,” they noted. “P.S. Totally crying as we post this.” Their daughter is 18-year-old Stella Gregg, who also appears on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” along with her father.


Celebrity has its privileges. Just ask Tom Cruise. Even though the UK has issued a mandatory 14-day quarantine order for anyone coming from the US and several other countries that haven’t been able to contain the coronavirus, Variety  says that they’ve made an exception for Cruise and his crew to resume production on “Mission: Impossible 7.” 

“The world’s biggest blockbusters and high-end TV shows are made in Britain. Our creativity, expertise and highly successful tax reliefs for our screen industries means that we are an in demand location that, in turn, delivers a great return for our economy,” culture secretary Oliver Dowden said. “We want the industry to bounce back and exempting small numbers of essential cast and crew from quarantine is part of our continued commitment to getting cameras rolling safely again.” 

The exemption only applies to cast and crew coming to England since other parts of the UK have their own rules.


Over the holiday weekend, Kanye West announced he was running for President in 2020. Whether he’s serious or not is anyone’s guess, but fans of Taylor Swift are having none of it.

As most know, Kanye and Taylor have been feuding since  2009 after he interrupted her MTV VMA speech, and then ignited again when he dropped “Famous” in 2016. Well, now Swifties think Taylor should take their battles to the political ring, calling on Taylor to run against Kanye.

"How about taylor swift as the president and selena gomez as vice president?" one fan wrote on Twitter, while another added, “Taylor Swift will defeat Kanye West and become the first female president of the United States.”

But this battle can’t actually happen in this election, especially since Taylor is only 30, and U.S. presidential candidates must be at least 35.

The Blast says Paris Hilton tweeted her own Presidential announcement that read,  “PARIS FOR PRESIDENT”. Her campaign slogan is  “Make America Hot Again.”



Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is now Instagram’s highest-paid celebrity. Kylie Jenner dropped down to second place!

According to Hopper HQ, he can charge $1.015 million for a sponsored post. Meanwhile, Kylie, who was getting $1.2 million last year, is only pulling in a measly $986-thousand for a second place finish this year. It should be noted that The Rock has 189 million followers while Kylie has 183 million. 

Others who made the list include Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé,Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Hart, and LeBron James. 


Singer August Alsina recently said in an interview that he and Jada Pinkett Smith had an affair, with the blessing of Will Smith. But, according to him, both she and Will Smith knew he was going to open up about it. 

In a lengthy Instagram post, August said that he made it a point to call everyone in advance of his chat with Angela Yee to let them know. Jada’s people issued a strong denial of anything going on between her and August. 

However, there has been another twist to the sorted affair. As we told you, Jada took to Twitter to say, “There’s some healing that needs to happen…so I’m bringing myself to The Red Table.” No word on when that’ll happen, but know that we’ll all be waiting with bated breath.


Singer Ryan Adams has been keeping it low-key since being accused of sexual harassment and abuse by multiple women, including his ex-wife Mandy Moore. At the time, he denied the allegations as “upsettingly inaccurate,” saying the details were “misrepresented, exaggerated, and false”... but now he’s piped up again and changed his tune.

In a statement shared via Daily Mail, Adams owns up to his behavior and apologizes, saying he’ll “never be off the hook.” “There are no words to express how bad I feel about the ways I’ve mistreated people throughout my life and career,” he writes. “This period of isolation and reflection has made me realize that I need to make significant changes in my life.”

Adams goes on to accept that people may see his words as “the same empty apology” that he’s always used when he’s been called out, but he insists things are different this time. "That being said, no amount of growth will ever take away the suffering I had caused. I will never be off the hook and I am fully accountable for my harmful behavior, and will be for my actions moving forward."


Remember those Khloé Kardashian-Tristan Thompson engagement rumors we told you about? Apparently they were news to Khloé, too. When she finally hopped back on social media and saw what the folks were saying, her response was, “Wait....what? lol” While she didn’t address rumors of them getting back together, she and her family spent the holiday at his house in Los Angeles.


Brian Austin Green tells the Daily Mail that he is disappointed that Courtney Stodden posted a video of them in a hot tub the same day he went on a date with Australian model Tina Louise. ''She knew it would 'cause problems. Courtney, super nice ... but disappointing. I was just trying to be a nice guy, I shot a video for her friend Ashley, saying hello ... That was a month-plus ago, that was back when the pictures of her and I came out. I was disappointed [that she posted it] knowing that it would cause problems for Tina - and myself - having three kids, it kinda sucks. I think she's a nice person, I just think she's making some bad choices.''