Dina's Dirt For July 8, 2020

Wednesday, July 8th


The hashtag #RIPEllen is trending on Twitter – but don’t worry, Ellen DeGeneres is alive and well. After last week’s speculation that “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” would be canceled, Twitter trolls took things a step further by spreading a rumor that she’d died.

Luckily, she’s just fine. Producers have confirmed to the “New York Post” that she’s alive and well, along with her show, which won’t be canceled after all. However, that hasn’t stopped the Twitterverse from having their fun with the hashtag, sharing tongue-in-cheek condolences along with pictures of Ellen lookalikes… like Justin Bieber and Jane Lynch.

Of course, the jokes have only been fueled by the recent “mean Ellen” controversy surrounding the talk show host. As you may recall, Ellen has been taking heat online over rumors that she’s super “mean” behind-the-scenes.


Johnny Depp’s libel case against “The Sun” officially kicked off yesterday in the United Kingdom. He and his ex-wife Amber Heard came face-to-face in court, arriving separately and equipped with face masks.

Heard reportedly “sat out of sight above in the public gallery” as her ex-husband testified against her claims of domestic abuse. While he admits taking “every drug known to man” by age 14, he denies ever striking a woman, maintaining that it's Heard who got physical with him. Here are some other revelations from Day One of the libel case:

-Depp admitted to giving certain medications or drugs to a few people in his circle, like “Avengers” actor Paul Bettany “if he was feeling anxious or unpleasant” and asked for it, as well as his friend, rocker Marilyn Manson. He also recalled helping his daughter Lily-Rose Depp ease into the life of teenage partying by supplying her with pot so she could experience it in a “safe” way.

-Depp admitted to spending nearly $30K a month on wine, though he says it wasn’t all for himself.

-He called Heard nothing but a fame-seeker in their relationship, with a “calculating, diagnosed borderline personality.” He even accused her of lying about having seen “any” of his films when they first met.

Check out the full breakdown on “Page Six”


Ringo Starr celebrated his 80th birthday last night with a star-studded livestream. “Ringo’s Big Birthday Show” featured performances by Ringo’s Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney, as well as Sheryl Crow, Gary Clark, Jr., Sheila E, Ben Harper, Joe Walsh and more.

The show kicked off with a mask-wearing Ringo behind the drums to welcome fans to the livestream and the showed footage of how he usually celebrates his birthday joining fans at Capitol records for his “Peace and Love” celebrations.

Ringo’s then launched into the music with an archival concert performance of “Don’t Come Easy,” which George Harrison helped him write. Ringo also shared a special all-star version of his 2017 track “Give More Love,” featuring Jackson Browne, Jeff Bridges, Elvis Costello, Rodney Crowell, Willie Nelson, Steve Earle, Michael McDnald, and more. 

As for his guests, their performances included:

Sheila E shared her take on the Beatles classic “Come Together,” with Ringo joining her on drums (at least virtually).

Sheryl Crow performed the Beatles classic “All You Need Is Love,” performing all the instruments, including piano, stand-up bass, ukulele, guitar and accordion.

Joe Walsh, who actually stopped by Ringo’s home to wish him a happy birthday, performed “Boys.”

Ben Harper, with help from Dave Grohl on drums, performed “Not Down and Out.”

Gary Clark, Jr.’s performance was also of “Come Together,” but his was from a previous festival performance.

There was archival footage of Ringo’s All-star band, with Walsh, performing “With A Little Help From My Friends” and “Give Peace A Chance,”

And his buddy Paul McCartney also turned up in previously filmed concert footage performing “Helter Skelter” with Ringo on drums.

Ringo also showed a clip from the Beatles Documentary "Eight Days A Week," in which they recalled not wanting to play a Jacksonville, Florida show because it would have a segregated audience. Regarding the current Black Lives Matter movement he noted,  "There’s no greater act than any others can make than to stand up and be counted when you see injustice," adding. "I don’t have to tell you that the Beatles' early set had a lot to do with the influence we found in American artists," mentioning stars like Ray Charles, Little Richard, Stevie Wonder and more. 

The livestream also featured a boat load of birthday wishes from all sorts of folks including wife Barbara Starkey, and his family, Joe & Marjorie Walsh, David Lynch, Sir Bob Geldof, Nils Lofgren, Jaden Smith, Giles Martin, Colin Smith, Peter Frampton, Ron Howard, and many, many more. It ended with an all-star “Happy Birthday” sing-along, with Ringo blowing out candles on a cake.

The event benefited the Black Lives Matter Global Network, The David Lynch Foundation,MusiCares, and WaterAid. 


Kanye West is inspiring people via his announcement alone. More specifically, he’s made other celebrities realize they can just say they’re running for president pretty much whenever they want. “Uproxx” says that  Tiffany Haddish has not only announced her candidacy but also her “running mate”: Dave Chappelle. And so did Bob Saget who declared he was running with John Stamos despite not “knowing much about anything.” Meanwhile, there were a lot of celebs declaring solo runs as well including Paris Hilton, Toni Braxton, and even Hillary Duff. Game on.



As we previously told you, Britney Spears recently angered members of Beyoncé’s Beyhive by suggesting she was actually “Queen B.” Well, now it seems Brit is trying to make things right by saluting Bey in dance form.

Britney just posted a new video in “Instagram” of her dancing up a storm to Beyonce’s “Haunted.” Brit explains that over the fourth of July holiday she “danced her tail off,” noting, “I wanted to listen to Beyoncé ….. “Haunted" is such a beautiful song ------ and I have never danced to it before.”

“I never said I was the best dancer,” Britney added. “I dance simply because it fills my heart with joy and expression. PS if I’m haunting you….you must be haunting me." 


Halle Berry has passed on a role that would’ve featured her playing a transgender man. Apparently she was discussing the role in an “Instagram” interview with her hairstylist and referred to the character using female pronouns and the trans community called her on it. 

The Oscar winner took to “Twitter” to apologize. She said, “As a cisgender woman, I now understand that I should not have considered this role, and that the transgender community should undeniably have the opportunity to tell their own stories.”   

GLAAD responded to Halle and said, “We are pleased that [she] listened to the concerns of transgender people and learned from them.” Not everyone was so forgiving. One user said “Too bad she didn’t apologize for the blatant and consistent misgendering.”


CBS Showrunner Peter Lenkov, behind shows like “Hawaii Five-0” and “MacGyver,” has reportedly gotten the boot. According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” the network fired their top showrunner for allegedly creating a “toxic work environment.”

Lenkov was reportedly the subject of at least three complaints, claiming he was “manipulative and abusive” during the filming of “Hawaii Five-0’s” 10-season run and on “MacGyver.” Apparently, he made it a “boys club,” and wouldn’t give actresses the same accommodations and considerations as the men… among other complaints, an insider saying he wasn’t just “racist or sexist,” he was anti-”everything.”

"Now is the time to listen and I am listening. It’s difficult to hear that the working environment I ran was not the working environment my colleagues deserved, and for that, I am deeply sorry,” Lenkov says in a statement. “I accept responsibility for what I am hearing and am committed to doing the work that is required to do better and be better."


Bush singer Gavin Rossdale is looking back on his marriage to Gwen Stefani. In a new interview with “The Guardian,” the rocker calls their rocky split his “most embarrassing moment.”

Rossdale and Stefani were married for 13 years before their divorce in 2015, an alleged cheating scandal revolving around the couple’s nanny. Now, five years later, they’re successful co-parents to their three sons Kingston, Zuma and Apollo… and Rossdale isn’t looking back.

When asked what his “most embarrassing moment” was, Rossdale replied, “the gross and lopsided spectre of the crumbling of my marriage.” It’s all good now, and he feels “happiest” when he’s with his and Stefani’s kids.



Kourtney Kardashian is speaking out about her decision to walk away from “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

In the season 18 kickoff, Kourtney shared that she was going to be very selective about what episodes of the show she’ll be filmed for. She was talking to “Vogue” and said, “I have been filming the show nonstop for 14 years… I was feeling unfulfilled and it became a toxic environment for me to continue to have it occupy as much of my life as it was.”

Kourtney loves her privacy at this point in her life and can now spend more time with her children Mason, 10; Reign, 5, and Penelope, 7. One thing the family likes to do is pick a time during the weekend to hang out in pajamas or sweats or sleep in.


Paul Walker spent the final, “hectic” year of his life trying to figure out how to balance his career with being a dad to his daughter Meadow. According to the late actor’s brothers Cody and Caleb, he actually reached a big decision about his daughter just hours before he died in a tragic car crash back in 2013.

Cody and Caleb were talking to “The Mirror” and said that Paul  was counting down the years until Meadow graduated high school, so they could spend way more time together. And he’d apparently get annoyed when execs tried to tempt him with scripts, since he was desperate to cut down on work and make more time for his daughter.

According to them, just hours before the deadly crash, Walker had decided to quit Hollywood and “be full time for Meadow.”


Actress Thandie Newton tells “Vulture” magazine that it was intense filming ''Mission: Impossible 2'' with Tom Cruise. “I was so scared of Tom. He was a very dominant individual. He tries super hard to be a nice person. But the pressure. He takes on a lot. And I think he has this sense that only he can do everything as best as it can be done. I  remember at the beginning of the night, seeing this slight red mark on his nose, and by the end of the night, I kid you not — this is how his metabolism is so fierce — he had a big whitehead where that red dot was. It would take anyone else 48 hours to manifest a zit. I saw it growing, and it was like the zit was me, just getting bigger and bigger. I remember calling Jonathan Demme. I described the night to him: ‘A nightmare.'”


Congratulations are in order for Josh Brolin. He and his wife, Kathryn, are expecting baby number two. She shared their happy news in a cute “Instagram” post that featured her showing off her baby bump while kissing their 20-month-old daughter, Westlyn Reign. The new baby, who’ll make his or her debut in December, will also join Josh’s two grown children from his first marriage.


And Usain Bolt and his girlfriend, Kasi J Bennett, welcomed a little girl in May. He revealed the child’s name in a post to celebrate Kasi’s birthday. Little Miss Olympia Lightning Bolt is a stone cold cutie