Dina's Dirt For June 3, 2020

Thursday, June 4th

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Tom Selleck's mustache has gone through many changes over the course of his career. Gossip Cop ranked his most popular facial hair looks, from worst to best.
6. Matthew Quigley in Quigley Down Under
5. Dwight D. Eisenhower in Ike: Countdown to D-Day
4. Dr. Richard Burke in Friends
3. Ivan Tiggs in Boston Legal
2. Frank Reagan in Blue Bloods
1. Thomas Magnum in Magnum P.I.

Wendy Williams came back to social media, posting her first picture since she was rumored to be hospitalized for a suicide attempt. She was holding a tabloid and wrote, "Wow June is here! I didn't see paparazzi but ok. I needed my stuff before NYC dark." She then wrote, "Black lives have ALWAYS mattered. #blacklivesmatter #NYPD #Peace." According to AceShowbiz, some fans also noticed a bruise on the back of her hand, which added fuel to the hospitalization rumors.” Wendy hasn't responded to the suicide rumors, but she has been taking a break from her show since May 18, saying it was due to her struggle with Graves disease. According to Tasha K, who previously exposed Kevin Hunter's affairs and secret baby drama, Wendy was taken to New York Presbyterian hospital for trying to kill herself. She reportedly talked to herself, barely slept, paced around, and refused to eat and drink.

BET is inviting President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to be part of a Juneteenth Forum. If Biden and Trump agree to appear, they’ll be interviewed separately and asked to “address a range of critical issues, including the institutional racism that has led to disparities in housing, health, income and the law enforcement and criminal justice systems.” The two also will be asked to talk about specific plans to address these issues. The BET News series, “Justice Now,” will start tonight with discussion on the killing of George Floyd. Guests will Senator Cory Booker, John Legend, TI, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Tamika Mallory, and NAACP President Derrick Johnson, according to TV Line.
In the meantime, Demi Lovato is following Taylor Swift’s lead with some words for our president. She is the latest artist to blast Donald Trump for his actions following George Floyd’s death. After the National Guard began teargasing peaceful protesters in Washington so he could take a photo in front of St. John's Episcopal Church holding a bible, she wrote on social media, "Donald Trump -- be the f--ing leader we need you to be. I'm actually begging you because we're stuck with you until November, then you will have to pay for your silence, lack of leadership, & action."

Amber Heard’s makeup artist is reportedly fighting an order for her give a live remote testimony in Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s ongoing heated legal battle. Melanie Inglessis testified last year that she helped conceal Amber Heard’s face injuries for an appearance on “The Late Show with James Corden” and that she remembers “numerous” times Amber Heard told her she was being abused. But now, she’s worried about how her reputation as a celebrity makeup artist will be affected since she claims she’s been receiving death threats already and she’s worried clients doubting her commitment to their confidentiality.

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She’s an actress, singer, songwriter, and TV personality, and now 26-year-old "Joyful Noise" star Keke Palmer is taking on a most meaningful role – activist. Keke was taking part in a protest in LA on Tuesday, and video of her having a conversation with National Guard soldiers has gone viral. She said to the soldiers, "You have a president talking about the Second Amendment as a use for people to come out here and use firearms against the people protesting….This is when you and y'all can stand together with the community, with society, to stop the governmental oppression. Period. We need you." One of the soldiers said, "I agree with you." She then asked the soldiers, "March beside us. Let the revolution be televised. March beside us and show us that you're here for us..." While they said they couldn’t leave because they had to protect the peace and businesses, they did at least offer to march down the block through the next intersection. Another protester asked the soldiers to take a knee, which they did, leading the crowd to cheer. Also joining the protest in L.A. on Tuesday were Ben Affleck and his girlfriend Ana de Armas, Logan Paul, Josie Canseco, Travis Barker and Richard Madden. See the video at AceShowbiz.com.
Things didn’t go so smoothly for other celebrities. wo days after Cole Sprouse got detained for "standing in solidarity" with Black Lives Matter activists, "Hart of Dixie" star Jaime King got arrested. She tweeted, "Currently arrested for a peaceful protest. Writing in handcuffs in back of bus. EVERYONE WAS PEACEFUL.” She signed it “Jaime and the rest of my sisters on this bus." She then updated fans, “Currently still on the bus for over 4 hours” adding that all the women detained have "no access to vital meds, bathrooms, bleeding through their pants" and that their detainers "are laughing at us." Read more with AceShowbiz.

Kim Kardashian wants to help a woman who was shot with a rubber bullet by police during a protest. She saw a picture of the woman’s injuries and tweeted, "This is heartbreaking and so disturbing. Does anyone know how I can get in contact with her? I would love to help her with her medical care if she needs it." The woman said in a video, "My forehead has a chunk out of it and the doctors couldn't even stitch it because of the debris. My right eye is swollen and took an hour before I could open it. Both of my eyes are messed up from debris that got trapped in them and I have to use numbing drops just to be able to open them." It’s not clear whether Kim has managed to contact the protester yet. Read more with AceShowbiz.

Ruby Rose has left the CW show “Batwoman” after one season, but she won’t simply be replaced with another actress. Instead, the CW is introducing a new character, according to a casting notice reposted on Reddit. The new character - Ryan Wilder - is the complete opposite of Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane.

During an interview a while back that’s just now coming to light, Lena Headey explained there was a scene cut from “Game of Thrones” that would have helped us navigate what was happening with her character during the final season. She said, “We shot a scene that never made it into Season 7, which was where I lose the baby. It was a really kind of traumatic, great moment for Cersei that never made it in.” She added that the moment would have “served Cersei differently” in Season Eight. Um, yeah! Considering all she has ever done in life was for her children, that would have definitely helped us see her story unfold in a whole new light. Read more at Pajiba.com. I guess the creators just weren’t interested in having the final season actually make sense to us.

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There are a bunch of celebrities opening their wallets trying to help make change and progress in the fight against racism. As reported by AceShowbiz;
1) J.J. Abrams has pledged to donate $10 million to anti-racist agendas over the next five years. The initiative will first start by the companies donating $200,000 which will be split between the organizations Black Futures Lab, Black Lives Matter, Community Coalition, Equal Justice Initiative, and Know Your Rights Camp.
2) Jay-Z and his associates at Roc Nation have took out a full-page ad in papers across the U.S. for Black Lives Matter to honor George Floyd.
3) An ASAI pink tie-dye dress Rihanna wore in an Instagram post last year is now selling for a limited time in order to raise funds for the Black Lives Matter movement and two charities.
4) The Weeknd shared on social media that he donated a total of $500,000 - $200,000 to Black Lives Matter Global Network, $200,000 to The Colin Kaepernick Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative and $100,000 to the National Bail Out.
5) Drake also made a huge donation, giving $100K to the National Bail Out, and sharing the receipt on his Instagram Story.
6) Boxer Floyd Mayweather has offered to pay for George Floyd's funeral services in Houston, Minnesota, Charlotte, and another location to be determined later on, according to TMZ. Floyd is just doing what he feels is right in his heart.

“Glee” actress Lea Michele has been accused by her former co-star, Samantha Marie Ware, of making her life “a living hell” on set. After Lea posted a message in support of George Floyd on Twitter, Samantha responded that she was shocked Lea could support the Black Lives Matter movement when Lea had treated her like such garbage on set that Samantha almost quit Hollywood. Samantha, who played Jane Hayward, said Lea had even threatened to “s-t in my wig.” And if you even think this is a case of “she said, she said,” others who have worked with Lea have backed Samantha - Black Lightning” actor Dabier Snell, who appeared in an episode of “Glee” in 2014, Amber Riley, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” season five competitor Willam Belli, who said Lea treated them as “subhuman,” and other castmembers who have complained. Kind of makes you appreciate your co-workers a little more now, doesn’t it? In light of the controversy, Lea has now lost and endorsement deal with HelloFresh. In a statement, the company wrote, “HelloFresh does not condone racism nor discrimination of any kind. We are disheartened and disappointed to learn of the recent claims concerning Lea Michele. We take this very seriously, and have ended our partnership with Lea Michele, effective immediately.”

Warner Bros has made the 2019 civil rights legal drama “Just Mercy” available to stream for free on digital platforms throughout June in light of the ongoing George Floyd protests. A rep said, “We believe in the power of story. Our film ‘Just Mercy’ is one resource we can humbly offer to those who are interested in learning more about the systemic racism that plagues our society.”

Because the 2021 pageant has been postponed because of coronavirus, the current reigning Miss America, Camille Schrier, will become the first winner to keep her crown for two years. Camille, who won her crown in December, said, “It's definitely incredible. As someone who is a nontraditional competitor in the Miss America organization ... it's kind of on-brand for me to do it this way.” She said while she continues her reign, she plans on helping teachers and students keep the learning going with free STEM videos. Camille, a pharmacy major, made history during the competition because she did a science demonstration for the talent portion of the pageant. And she’ll probably keep making history. She joked, “I realize now that I'm probably going to be a ‘Jeopardy’ question.”