Dina's Dirt For May 29, 2020.

Friday, May 29th

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Celebs who are helping others these days…

First, “My House” singer Flo Rida and his doctor have teamed up to provide COVID-19 testing in Florida. Flo Rida put $1.5 million into the Asktabs Mobile Wellness Center, with the goal of getting healthy people back to work as the state starts to reopen. Flo Rida says they can test up to 1,500 patients per day with a staff of up to 14 people. See more at tmz.com.

Second, Opera star Andrea Bocelli is donating his plasma to help find a cure for coronavirus. He and his wife, actress Veronica Berti, and their children all tested positive for the virus in early March, although their symptoms were relatively mild. Read more with AceShowbiz.

Third, Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, showed up on Good Morning America to pay tribute to the frontline superheroes Erin Cavanagh and her team at the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, who dress up as their favorite superheroes every day they go to work to give their patients hope. A lot of the ladies end up rocking Wonder Woman gear. Erin said, “She believes in people. She believes in love, she saves people when people can't save themselves. She's the strongest chick I know.” Gal told the ladies, “You are the real heroes, let's just make that clear,” adding, “You're risking your lives for other people, I get emotional thinking about it…You are true inspiration, and I just want to hug you.”

Fourth, Denzel Washington helped out a homeless man on Thursday after he saw him in the street, walking around in traffic. Denzel got out of his car, talked to the man, and brought him to the sidewalk. He also stayed by his side when policed were questioning the man, giving the guy a face mask and a sandwich. You can see the video at tmz.com.

And finally, Gary Sinise’s foundation is donating 20,000 meals to Veterans Affairs’ (VA) frontline workers at more than 80 VA facilities across the country.

Elisabeth Moss gave an update to Extra on “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Elisabeth was set to make her directorial debut this season, but that’s all on hold now thanks to COVID-19. Elisabeth said, “We were only two weeks in, so we actually have an entire season to shoot,” adding, “We want to go back to work because families have people to support and rent they need to pay, but at the same time no human’s life is worth a TV show. We’re just trying to figure out how to do it safely for everybody.”

Johnny Depp has spent his time quarantining by painting. He showed off his skills on Instagram account this weekend, a large painting of a wine bottle. Johnny wrote, "It's odd, the things that we once gave such pure, intense focus and devotion to for months on end. Then suddenly the wind shifts and off we go on a new track. And for far too long, these earlier interests or passions sadly fall by the wayside and recede into the vast recesses of some hoarder's crawlspace in the brain cloaked in heaps of the other things that my skull had no room for...until recently." He added, "I found this painting, which I had started in 2006 ... for 14 years I'd never touched the painting - the occasional glance, at best. Yet it somehow always lingered in my mind, this piece of unfinished business." And now it’s done. You can see the final product at AceShowbiz.

According to The Mirror, Ellie Goulding, fasts regularly, 2 days at a time, and she sees it as “a great way to give your digestive system a break.” On her fasting days, she drinks electrolytes, tea, and coffee, all without adding anything, because “it helps blood sugar control, and helps fight inflammation.” That’s determination – I can’t go two hours without food, let alone days, thanks to the quarantine life.

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The “Grey’s Anatomy” season finale, which aired earlier than expected, pulled in huge ratings, more than quadrupling its initial ratings among adults 18-49 over five weeks and more than doubling its total audience. The 35-day figures for the show are the best since its season premiere in September. In fact, with digital platforms included, “Grey's” is ABC's top-rated and most-watched show of the 2019-20 season. That’s no surprise - what else are we supposed to do during quarantine?

Baby news…
First, Karla Souza from “How to Get Away with Murder” star is expecting her second child with her husband. She made the announcement on Instagram wearing a Mama Bird shirt and holding her toddler daughter, who was wearing a Baby Bird shirt. Karla must be due soon as she wrote that she will “continue sharing, growing, and UNLEASHING with you all over the course of the next four weeks.”

And second, Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, are expecting a baby girl. Jinger also revealed that they suffered a miscarriage last fall. We’ll get to see the couple’s emotional ups and downs, along with their adjustment to life in Los Angeles, when “Counting On” premieres next month on TLC.

Nina Dobrev and Shaun White are Instagram official! Rumors have been swirling that the “Vampire Diaries” star and Olympic athlete are an item, but the two have confirmed they are in quarantine together. And you know it’s love when he let her cut his hair!
In more "The Vampire Diaries" news, Zach Roerig was arrested over Memorial Day weekend for DUI. TMZ reports that the reason he was pulled over in the first place is because his truck did not have a front license plate, but then officers noticed Zach's slurred speech. bloodshot eyes, and boozy breath. During one of the field tests, Zach complained, "This is very hard, I can't do this when…. I can't have a beer."

Someone is spreading a rumor that Beyonce has put on a "good amount" of weight recently. A source estimates that she has gained about 55 pounds and is "over 200 pounds" now after living the quarantine life. You know what, girl - haven’t we all! Read more with AceShowbiz. And if there’s any truth to it, so what - the Queen Bey always looks amazing with all her beautiful curves. Haters gonna hate….

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Taylor Swift’s fans have a beef with Burger King all because a Swiftie asked BK on Twitter to share their favorite Taylor song, and they replied, “The one about her ex.” While the tweet has since been taken down, Swifties had already started the hashtag, “Burger King is Over Party.” But now, the Swifties are feeling the wrath themselves! Since the hashtag started, some people pointing out that it’s in poor taste considering what’s going on in the world. As one person tweeted, “Taylor Swift fans tryna cancel Burger King when we're tryna deal with racial injustice and police brutality? They're pathetic.”

Steven Harvey just bought Tyler Perry's Atlanta mansion $15 million, but that price tag doesn’t necessarily guarantee privacy and safety. Just ask Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are renting a mansion from Tyler. Harry and Meghan have had to call police about drones flying over their new Beverly Hills mansion. Apparently, the trouble with the press hasn’t gotten much better since they left the United Kingdom. As they settle into their new life in the United States, Harry and Meghan are reportedly coping with “unimaginable” levels of press intrusion. In the past month alone, Harry and Meghan have reported at least five drones flying over their property as low as 20 feet. A friend of the couple tells Daily Beast that includes drones flying over their pool where they’ve been playing with baby Archie. Even though Tyler’s place comes outfitted with security cameras, an alarm system, and a private security team on-site at all times, none of that can stop what happens in the sky.

Movie quickies to report…
First, Paramount and Sega have confirmed that there’s a “Sonic” sequel in the works, with the same team behind the project. We’ll have to wait and see if Jim Carey will be making a comeback as Doctor Robotnik.
Second, the “Lord of The Rings” Cast Reuniting is reuniting for a special livestream on Sunday. Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom, Andy Serkis, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, and more will get together on Zoom for the “Reunited Apart” free live stream on Josh Gad’s YouTube channel starting at 12pm.
Third, the uniform worn by Tom Hanks in “A League of Their Own” is up for auction. The current bid is almost up to $5,000, and there are about 20 days left.
And finally, Henry Cavill is in talks to return as Superman even though he previously hinted he was ready to hang up the cape. Henry played Superman in 2013’s “Man of Steel,” in 2016’s “Batman v Superman,” and 2017’s “Justice League.” He’s currently the lead as Geralt in Netflix’s “The Witcher.”

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have an entire room in their house just for Orlando’s Lego collection. Katy said, "We have a Lego room in our house. It was a TV room and now it's a Lego room. He gets these Legos which are super hard to do, like the model cars and stuff and he'll make those in two days and then he displays them on the wall." Well, with all this quarantining, he should be through just about every model in existence. Read more with AceShowbiz. So if you’re wondering why every set your kid is asking for is sold out online, you can probably blame Orlando.