Dina's Dirt For November 13, 2020

Friday, November 13th

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Kelly Clarkson’s six-year-old daughter, River, is proving to be a devious little child. During the latest episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” Kelly revealed how River gets out doing her schoolwork during online classes. Kelly shared that River will "just pretend she's frozen so she doesn't have to do what they're asking her to do.” Kelly did say that the gets “points for the comedy," although did add that she needs to "reel it in, dude."

Good news for Christina Perri - she is leaving the hospital after she suffered pregnancy complications, according to AceShowbiz. At first, Christina thought she might have to stay in hospital until her child was delivered. But now she said she would be heading home, explaining, "Hello friends, I have a good update. I just want to say thank you for all of your prayers and wishes that you sent to me and this baby and Paul and our families.” She added, "I'm able to go home tonight. And we're going to take it one day at a time, and at any moment, anything could change, but hopefully I can wait until my due date or nearby to have the baby and then deal with some things when baby arrives. It's not perfect but it's definitely good news for right now. And I'm going to stay in this moment."

The 2020 E! People’s Choice Awards are happening this Sunday at 8 pm with Justin Bieber and Megan The Stallion leading in the music categories. Both artists have six nominations each, with Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande close behind with five. Justin is also set to perform, as well as Chloe x Halle. Presenters include Addison Rae, Glow Alison Brie, Armie Hammer, Bebe Rexha, Christina Hendricks, Jameela Jamil Kathryn Hahn, Machine Gun Kelly, Sofia Carson, Tiffany Haddish, and Tyler the Creator. “Riverdale” and “Outer Banks” earned multiple nominations in multiple TV categories. So did “This Is Us” with six and “Grey’s Anatomy” with five, along with multiple shows from The CW and Netflix. “Bad Boys for Life,” “Hamilton” and “King of Staten Island” have scored multiple noms in film categories – including Movie of 2020. In addition, Jennifer Lopez will be honored with the People's Icon of 2020 Award, honoring her contributions to music, film, television, and fashion.

Singer and producer Pharrell Williams is launching a beauty line called Humanrace, which aims to promote inclusivity. Pharrell said, “Humanrace Skincare doesn’t differentiate by race or gender. We’re creating for humans; we are all born in the same skin and Humanrace celebrates this.” Products in the line include a Rice Powder Cleanser, a Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator and a Humidifying Cream, which together is called a “Three Minute Facial.” Pharrell said of his line, “I wanted to share my 20 years of skincare experience and education through this product and routine. It’s created to take three minutes morning and night. Your face is the result of the spirit behind it, it’s important to take care of your skin and to also take time for yourself each day.” Humanrace is set to launch on November 25th. I know a lot of celebs put out beauty lines, but who knew Pharrell actually had experience, and 20 years at that? I mean, we should have known – one look at his face and it’s proven.

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The Weeknd will be headlining the Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show on CBS. He said, “We all grow up watching the world's biggest acts playing the Super Bowl and one can only dream of being in that position. I'm humbled, honored and ecstatic to be the center of that infamous stage this year.” Jay-Z’s Roc Nation is once again producing this year’s halftime show. Super Bowl LV takes place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida, Sunday, February 7th.

“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans shared a photo of her son, Kaiser, 6, in the hospital with the caption, “Please keep Bubba in your thoughts and prayers!” She said, “He has an infected abscess in his groin that is infecting his lymph nodes. He’s been on multiple medications and hopefully this next antibiotic works,” revealing that he had been on three antibiotics so far over the past month. Read more with OK! Hang in there, little guy!

“Days of Our Lives" actor Cody Longo is facing a charge of domestic assault after he was arrested following a fight with his wife, AceShowbiz reports. Cody and his wife got into a fight after he came home drunk. He accused his wife of infidelity, and according to the police report, things got physical, and it’s said Cody shoved his wife in the face with his forearm. He denies getting physical.

Ellen DeGeneres honored a Boston teacher during her “Month of Giving Thanks,” which celebrates essential workers, by hooking her up with a year of free rent. Ellen is still working on spreading her “Be Kind” message after her daytime talk show was investigated over its allegedly “toxic” workplace. Ellen has released a new “Be Kind” subscription box just in time for the holidays. Ellen says the box is “all about spreading kindness” and highlights brands that do the same. Fans can “Be Kind” for $55, according to Page Six. In the meantime, Ryan Phillippe is the latest celebrity to take a swipe Ellen DeGeneres. Taking to his Instagram story on Saturday, Ryan put his jog on pause to pose in front of an “Ellen DeGeneres Show” poster. According to US Weekly, he wrote, “And remember to be kind….Wait.” Guess he won’t be buying into the “Be Kind” box.

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Ariana Grande’s latest venture is helping animals. She shared on social media that she is launching a non-profit animal rescue, Orange Twins Rescue, in Los Angeles. She shared a link to the organization’s Instagram page, which already has 54,000 followers, and it’s not even up and running yet. Ariana is a known animal lover - she actually has 10 rescue dogs of her own.

Donnie Wahlberg is at it again with the “2020 Tip Challenge,” where you leave a tip of $2,020 to your server when you eat at a restaurant. The food service industry is still being hit hard by the pandemic, and the tipping trend that started back in January is an effort to help workers make ends meet. So, Donnie put a $2,020 tip on a $35.27 bill at a restaurant at the Cape. You might recall he did this back in January too, at an IHOP on New Year’s Day.

Al Roker is back home and on the mend following prostate cancer surgery. He told fans, “Relieved to let you all know that my prostate cancer surgery is done back home. Appreciate all the thoughts and wishes from our viewers and the wonderful care packages from my co-workers. See you all soon.” As we told you, Al revealed his diagnosis last week to spotlight the fact that one in seven African American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

The famous mansion featured on "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" is on Airbnb for $6,000 per night, according to TMZ. It’s 10,000-square-feet and has 7 bedrooms with room to sleep 13 guests, 8 bathrooms, and a pool (though if you watch the show, you know you might want to stay out of there). A family actually lives in the mansion, which has been the setting of the show since 2007. They leave twice a year for about 6 weeks while the show films. Sadly, the rental does not come with any eligible single potential loves.