Dina's Dirt For October 16, 2020.

Friday, October 16th

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YouTuber Logan Paul thought he got himself a Pokemon card worth millions, but it ended up being fake, and that’s when things got even worse. He took to Twitter to explain that when he found out his Pikachu Illustrator card was fake, he “got angry & punched a window (it was supposed to be a joke), ended up nearly bleeding out, and got 9 stitches.” Logan also added, “I’ve officially bled for Pokémon. help me.”

Cardi B's marriage to Offset may be over, but he still celebrated her 28th birthday in a big way, according to AceShowbiz. Cardi showed off a huge pink billboard with a big happy birthday message from their two-year-old daughter, Kulture, on her Instagram page. It was a pic of her and Kulture wearing all pink with matching Birkin bags and the message, "Happy Birthday Mommy! Love, Kulture." It sounds like he’s still got feelings for her, even though he cheated, and she still has feelings for him since she basically told fans who were disrespecting him on social media to cut it out or she’d come after them. And, maybe it was the birthday sentiment that thawed her a bit, but she said she’s getting back together with Offset because she misses the, um, physical aspect of their relationship.

So, remember that Chainsmokers performance in July in Southampton, New York, where tickets went for as much as $25,000 each? Yeah, time to face the music over the music, according to Gossip Cop. Video footage from that night show concertgoers not following safety and social distancing protocols, so the New York Department of Health came after them. The concert's promoter got a $20,000 fine and now the town of Southampton can’t give permits for group events without state approval. The Chainsmokers got off without any punishment, but people blasted them on social media for their involvement in the first place.

Chaka Khan did an interview with Luenell for VladTV, during which she was asked if there were any artists that she'd like to work with. Chaka couldn't think of anyone, so Luenell mentioned Ariana Grande. Well, according to AceShowbiz, Chaka responded with, "F*** her." Realizing how that sounded out loud, she quickly added, "She's alright. She's good on her own. She don't need-plus." She added even more, saying, “I ain't got nothing to say with a woman. You say it by yourself. We ain't gonna talk about no man. We not gon' do none of that stuff. It's not happening." As for fans, some were willing to give Chaka a pass, saying, "She don't mean no personal offense. She just old & grumpy. That's how old people be," while some basically called her a hater. Fun fact - Chaka previously collaborated with Ariana on "Nobody", which was featured in 2019's movie "Charlie's Angels." For the record, Chaka’s only 67, but to anyone under the age of 15, anyone over 21 is old.

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“Very Cavallari” star Kristin Cavallari’s ex, Jay Cutler, gave Kristin a shout-out over her latest cookbook, True Comfort, on social media. The two, who split up after 10 years together, had been showing signs of tension following the break-up, but now it looks like Jay is playing nice. He captioned a photo of the book on Instagram, “I got mine for free but it is worth the price. Well done @kristincavallari.” Seems Kristin wasn’t going to fall for anything from him anymore. She didn’t directly respond to his message, but she did post a general message to her fans saying, “I LOVE seeing everyone’s food pics from #TrueComfort. Thanks for tagging me, keep it going! Glad you guys are loving!!!!” In the meantime, though Kristin’s divorce isn’t final, she was spotted in Chicago getting smoochey with comedian Jeff Dye, though sources say they’re not really dating. Still, Jay’s not happy about her PDA with the guy.

When “Flip or Flop” star Tarek El Moussa marries Heather Rae Young next year, his co-star and ex-wife, Christina Anstead, won’t be in attendance. That’s because they’ve instituted a “no exes” rule. Tarek’s kids – ten-year-old Taylor and five-year-old Brayden – will be a part of the celebration though. According to ET, they’re having a small ceremony with no cameras. Tarek said, “Small, less distractions, more intimate, better conversations with the people around us. You know, we just think smaller is better." Christina probably won’t mind since she’ll more than likely be cruising around on the yacht she just bought, which she named “Aftermath.”

MrBeast is taking on a new project and starting a brand new YouTube channel. He just announced that he’s secured a warehouse to turn into a food bank and that the new YouTube channel will be donating 100% of their revenue from ads, merch, and brand deals to charity. MrBeast says that he’s hoping the project “make it where people don’t have to choose between paying rent or eating food.”

What’s going on with Kim and Kanye West these days? Kim Kardashian has joined the cast of voices for the new “PAW Patrol” movie, extratv.com reports. Others stars include Jimmy Kimmel, Tyler Perry, Dax Shepard, Yara Shahidi, among others. The movie is already in production and set to premiere August 20, 2021. And Kanye, well, Kanye West has released a merchandise line for his campaign, because why not. In addition to “Vote Kanye” merch, he’s also selling a black T-shirt with the slogan “God Save America,” the phrase he’s now trying to trademark, according to TMZ. Hopefully, you get the merchandise before the election.

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Boston is about to become a mini-Hollywood. The Netflix original movie “Don’t Look Up” from director Adam McKay is set to begin filming in Boston on November 19, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande, and Matthew Perry, among others. There’s still a chance to be an extra in the film, according to CBS Boston. Judith Bouley, who put out a call for extras in September, said, “We need people of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities to potentially work as paid background actors. Instead of having an open casting call, like we did last summer at Marblehead High School, this time I’m going to interview by Zoom.”

“Today” show host Hoda Kotb got a disturbing letter at her home from a woman who was blasting her for becoming a parent so late in life. Hoda explained, “It was this woman who started off with kind of, ‘How dare you?’ She said, ‘I can’t believe that you thought it was a good idea to become a mother in your early 50s.’ And she just, sort of, went off.” As to who sent it, she doesn’t have to look far. The woman, who handwrote the note, even included her full name and return address. In 2017, Hoda adopted a baby girl, Haley Joy, and last year, she adopted another baby girl, Hope Catherine, and she and her fiancé, Joel Schiffman, have filled out paperwork to adopt another child. Read more at okmagazine.com.

Justin Bieber sent a message out to everyone who has been stalking him for a photo outside his house. He wrote on Instagram, "How do you convince yourself it's not completely inappropriate and disrespectful to wait outside my home to gawk, stare and take pictures as I walk into my apartment. This is not a hotel. It's my home." It’s not clear if he’s talking about his fans or the paparazzi.

While Dominic West and his wife try to play happy home life after scandalous photos of him with his “Pursuit of Love” co-star Lily James leaked, Lily has not said one word, According to OK!, a source said, “Lily doesn’t want to be known her whole life as a home-wrecker. It was only a few months ago she was spotted getting very friendly with’ Captain America’ star Chris Evans in a London park, and now she’s seen kissing a married man in Rome. This scandal could end her career. It was in everyone’s interests that Dominic go back home immediately and be seen with his wife, which is exactly what Lily wanted to happen.” The source added, “Lily doesn’t want Dominic to leave his wife and turn up at her doorstep with his suitcases. This whole thing is a mess and Lily doesn’t want it to drag on for another single minute.”