Dina's Dirt For September 10, 2020

Thursday, September 10th

Dina’s Dirt at 6:40

"Big Brother" fans are ruining the show by trying to cheat. According to TMZ, they’ve been yelling over the show's studio wall to help certain house guests with outside information using bullhorns to send messages to their favorite house guests to help them advance, even trying to scale the fence to get into the set. TMZ says fans watch the show and scour the live feeds, so they're aware of cast members' game plans. It’s to the point that CBS security can’t control it and has had to get LAPD involved, but even they couldn’t manage the situation so CBS brought in a private security firm to help.

Baby news…
"The Real Housewives of Potomac" star Ashley Darby and her husband, Michael, are expecting their second child together.
Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin welcomed their fifth child together on Tuesday. Hilaria had previously suffered two miscarriages within a year of each other. But she captioned a photo of her, Alec, and the whole baby (not just a finger or toe!), “We had a baby last night. He is perfect and we couldn’t be happier.” They said to “stay tuned” for the name.

“Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” star – also “Spaceballs,” “Ghostbusters,” and more - Rick Moranis hasn’t worked in years, but Ryan Reynolds brought him back out of retirement… for a Mint Mobile ad. After his wife, Ann, died in 1991 from breast cancer, Rick bowed out of Hollywood to raise their two kids. In the new commercial, Ryan tells viewers, "It's hard to believe that Mint Mobile has gone so long without an unlimited plan. So, to introduce it, we brought in an actor we've all gone too long without: Rick Moranis." Next, Rick walks on camera and asks, “So what do you want me to do, say something about Mint?” Ryan answers, “No… that would have been smart.” When Rick asks why he’s there, Ryan tells him, “I’m a huge fan… massive,” to which Rick replies, “That’s it?” and Ryan answers, “That’s it.” See the video at fullfeed.com.

The upcoming 11th season of “The Walking Dead” will be its last, and it will be big, with 24 episodes - 12 airing in 2021 and the remaining 12 in 2022. But AMC has ordered two new “The Walking Dead” spinoffs — one centering on Norman Reedus’ character Daryl and Melissa McBride’s character Carol, premiering in 2023, and another offshoot, according to tvline.com. Don’t forget we still have “Fear the Walking Dead” and the forthcoming “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” about kids who grow up during the zombie apocalypse, never having known the world before. And, AMC also has movies planned starring Andrew Lincoln as his character Rick Grimes. Before all this, we have the extremely delayed Season 10 finale set to air on Oct. 4, followed by six bonus episodes in early 2021. Can’t keep track of all this, but that’s why I have a DVR.

Dina’s Dirt at 7:40

Is Katie Holmes a homewrecker? Multiple sources are saying her now man, Emilio Vitolo Jr., ended his engagement to designer Rachel Emmons on the same day he was photographed with Katie. It’s not known how long Katie and Emilio have been dating, but he left a flirty message for Katie on her Instagram page on July 31, while he was still engaged to Rachel. However, another pointed out, “I heard that they had been seeing each other for a while. I’m shocked to hear that they were sneaking around the whole time.”

Former "The Bachelorette" star Kaitlyn Bristowe has opened up about nasty messages she’s been getting ahead of "Dancing with the Stars," according to AceShowbiz. She shared a pic of herself crying on Instagram Stories and wrote, "I forgot how mean people are when you go on TV. Just so many 'She looks so old and plastic' comments everywhere. You win today trolls. It got to me." On top of that, she feels the pressure because of her dance background. Kaitlyn explained, "It's because everyone knows I have a dance background, and I feel everyone's like, 'You're going to do great because you know how to dance,' and I'm like, 'Well, I haven't danced since I was about 20 years old.'"
In the meantime, Tyra Banks gave a little insight as to how “Dancing with the Stars” is going to make the competition work during the pandemic. She said, “There’s no audience, however, the lighting team is gonna do fantastic things. You’re gonna feel so much energy even though there’s not thousands of people in that room.” She added, “Married pros like Jenna and Val and Peta and Maks are also separated for the new season. Those couples aren’t going to be able to see each other while they are competing on the show.” Read more with fullfeed.com.

“Twilight” star Kellan Lutz and his wife, Brittany, announced they are expecting a baby. Brittany said in a video on Instagram, “Tiny little bump! A little promise baby! This is not a drill. This is not a throwback. This is another promise being fulfilled.” Kellan added, “This is real life. We’re pregnant again. If you guys don’t know, we are pregnant again.” The couple had shared back in February that Brittany had suffered a miscarriage six months into her pregnancy.

According to OK!, ending “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” next year wasn’t really the family’s decision. A source said, “The last deal Kris Jenner signed was in 2017, giving her and the family $30 million per season. That deal has expired, and greedy Kris wanted at least $40 million per season to continue even though ratings have been declining dramatically. The negotiations were going nowhere. E! was interested in keeping the show on the air, but there was no way the network could continue paying the family the same amount of money for almost half as many viewers. In the end, it was better for everyone to say goodbye. Although Kris isn’t giving up just yet, she is busy on the phone shopping the show around to other networks, but not at a discounted price.” In the meantime, TMZ says the Kardashians realized they could have just as much reach on social media as they once had on the show and can reach their millions of followers just as easily, if not better, than on E! network.

Dina’s Dirt at 8:40

Kanye West found out the hard way that texting can be bad for your health. He tweeted a picture of a wrist x-ray with the caption, “Too much texting bro. Had to get the cortisone mixed with a wittle sprinkle of lidocaine.” He also shared a video of the injection. But it doesn’t sound like he’s following doctor’s orders; ever since he posted about his hand injury, he has been updating his Twitter page with a number of posts.

Chrissy Teigen has been keeping fans updated as she prepares to welcome her third child with John Legend. After revealing that she gets Botox during her pregnancies to handle her migraines, she’s announced on Twitter that she’s on an “official two-week bedrest.” How will she be spending the extra downtime? Getting creative with the kids, learning “how to sew capes and kid clothes.”

Nuptial news…
Singer Lily Allen and "Stranger Things" star David Harbour got a marriage license in Las Vegas, TMZ found out, and – wait, now they’re married. They got married in Las Vegas this weekend, complete with an Elvis impersonator and a wedding meal of In-N-Out burgers and fries.
James Lafferty, who played Nathan Scott on “One Tree Hill,” and Alexandra Park, who most recently starred as Princess Eleanor on “The Royals,” are engaged! from 2015 to 2018. He posted a selfie of the two of them and wrote, “She said yeah ----☺.”

Denise Richards has been at the forefront of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 10, but it looks like “Housewives” fans won’t have to choose between #TeamDenise and #TeamBrandi anymore – because Denise is out. Reps for Denise have confirmed she will not return to the Bravo reality show next season, according to Variety. While the show has never been more popular – it’s the top-rated cable show on Wednesday nights right now – Denise has clearly had a rough time all season, fending off basically the whole cast and dealing with those Brandi Glanville affair rumors. Fellow Bravo stars Erika Jayne and Garcelle Beauvais have seemingly reacted to her exit; Erika has posted a big old “Bye” on Twitter, while Garcelle is hyping up the “plot twist” on Instagram, writing, “Things just got interesting…” Of course, if they throw her a little more cash, maybe she’ll change her mind and tough it out for another season.