Dina's Dirt for July 17, 2019.

Wednesday, July 17th

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Pink is finally sick of all the mom-shaming she gets on social media. She always ends up having to defend herself, like most recently when people criticized her for letting her kids run at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. While some people said it was disrespectful, Pink, along with others, pointed out that first, she is Jewish, and second, “The very person who constructed this believed in children being children, and to me this is a celebration of life after death. Please keep your hatred and judgment to yourselves.” But they didn’t. So, Pink just wrote on her Instagram account, “Just a friendly reminder to those of you that need it: there will be no more comments on this page” adding, “Good luck to ya! And to everyone else; I love you forever.”

R. Kelly pleaded not guilty to 18 federal charges, and he’s facing a maximum prison sentence of 195 years in Chicago alone for alleged crimes against 10 different victims. He has been in federal custody since Friday and will stay there since his lawyers couldn’t make a strong enough case for him to be allowed out on bail. R. Kelly is currently being kept in solitary confinement because it’s the safest place for him to be.

Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce's family just announced a charity launched in his honor, The Cameron Boyce Foundation, Cameron's father tweeted, "Let’s not talk about it, let’s BE about it! Let’s do good as Cameron would. Let’s keep his legacy alive!" Cameron, who died at age 20 earlier this month from a seizure, was an avid supporter of many charities. The foundation in particular was created to provide “young people artistic and creative outlets as alternatives to violence and negativity and uses resources and philanthropy for positive change in the world."

Hugh Jackman made a little girl’s dream come true last week at his Denver show. He’s currently on tour with “The Man. The Music. The Show.” Jillian Wojcik brought her daughter, Mia, to the show from Florida for her birthday. Apparently, the seven-year-old is a superfan who has seen “The Greatest Showman” in theaters eight times. She even had a “Greatest Showman”-themed birthday party last year. So, fast forward to now when Mia made a sign for the Denver show asking Hugh to sing happy birthday to her – and he did. Maybe I’ll have to start making similar signs to get Channing Tatum’s attention.

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It will be awhile before the NFL announces who’ll be performing during the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show, but Jennifer Lopez is already volunteering. According to Entertainment Tonight, she said, "Yeah, we've thought about the Super Bowl, and it's in Miami, it's a big deal, but we'll see. They make their own decisions over there."

Time magazine is back with its fifth annual roundup of the "25 Most Influential People on the Internet." Time editors look at a person's impact on social media as well as their overall ability to drive news when putting the list together. As expected, many on the list are musicians or Hollywood actors. Some of the names on the list include BTS, Lil Nas X, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Jada Pinkett, as well as the egg that broke an Instagram record for most-liked photo.

“Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland and “Bachelorette" star Wells Adams are engaged. They revealed the news on Instagram on yesterday. Wells posted video of his beach proposal. The two have been dating since 2017.

Harry Styles is going to court to face off against his stalker, Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, who was arrested Friday after returning to the UK from Spain. According to music-news.com, Harry says the man has been stalking him for the past two months, sending him notes through his mailbox, approaching him on the streets, even sleeping outside his London home. Pablo is now in custody until further notice, although he denies the stalking claims, which means Harry will have to go to court to testify against him. But, in other happier Harry news, Harry is in talks to play Prince Eric in Disney's live-action remake of "The Little Mermaid." We wouldn’t complain if there was one more Harry in the world to get the title of a prince.

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Mike Fleiss, the creator of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," allegedly attacked his pregnant wife, Laura Fleiss, on July 4th after getting into an argument over her pregnancy, according to Hollywood Reporter. Laura has filed for an emergency restraining order, explaining her reasoning; "While we were at our house in Kauai, Mike demanded that I get an abortion. Our son Ben was in the house, seated in another room nearby. Mike told me, 'If you have an abortion, then we can just go back to the way we were.'" Laura, who is the 2012 Miss America winner, says she's about 10 weeks pregnant with their second child. She's asking the court to keep Mike 100-yards away from the family home, claiming, "I have been hiding in a hotel for the past several days with Ben and want to be able to return home without fear for myself, my son, and my unborn child." In the meantime, Mike says she’s the one who attacked him. The question as to who attacked who will likely be answered by the home’s security cameras.

Katy Perry has been gushing about her latest health kick. According to USA Today, she said, “As you get older, and you have longer hangovers, you realize the cells in my body are dying. I did this thing called Panca Karma - it stems from India, and it's basically Ayurvedic eating and cleansing, you do lots of enemas." Now, it’s worth noting, Katy is part owner of the company she’s promoting. According to Dlisted, Katy and Orlando Bloom are new investors in Bragg Live Food Products. Katy has known Patricia since she was a kid, and Patricia gave Katy her first guitar at age 13.

Ed Sheeran is set to wrap up his “Divide” tour next month, and once it’s done he’s planning a break in Africa. Ed said, “I’ve got to get back to Africa. After the tour I want to go and chill out there.” He added, “I was in Ghana a few years back, and I loved it. Now I need to go to Nigeria. I heard the jollof rice is really good there.”

Poor Leonardo DiCaprio. To this day, people are still asking him about the scene in the movie “Titanic," where Rose floats on the door and Leo’s character, Jack, is in the water. Well, Leo was doing an interview for his new film, "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" with Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt, and the interviewer asked him the age-old question, could Jack have fit on the door alongside Rose? Leo simply said, "No comment," but Brad and Margot took the time to discuss some potential theories. I guess for them, when you haven’t heard the question a thousand times over, it’s funny. For Leo, not so much.