Dina's Dirt for July 18, 2019.

Thursday, July 18th

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So, it looks like Courteney Cox has delayed her wedding to longtime love, Johnny McDaid, once again. Courtney and Johnny had planned on getting married back in 2015, when her daughter Coco was eleven years old. But at that time, she was going through a divorce from David Arquette and didn't want to complicate things. The couple thought it best to wait until Coco was 18, so the plan is to get hitched in 2022. In the meantime, Johnny is currently recovering from neck surgery. Read more at RadarOnline.com.

The District Attorney in Nantucket, Massachusetts announced that the sexual assault case brought against Kevin Spacey by William Little has been thrown out, according to WCVB. As we told you before, the accuser took the stand during a July 8th court hearing and invoked his Fifth Amendment rights, protecting himself against self-incrimination,) when asked if he or anyone else had deleted messages from a cellphone that contained key evidence. He was supposed to turn it over to the defense but said it was missing. When he found out that destroying evidence was a felony, he pleaded the Fifth. The judge said the case couldn’t go forward if he continued to invoke his Fifth Amendment right, and that’s when the Commonwealth decided to dismiss the charges. But don’t think Kevin is off the hook completely - at least 20 people have made accusations against him in England, and six of those cases remain under investigation by Scotland Yard. Yet another criminal case is being pursued in Los Angeles.

Former WWE Wrestling Divas Champion Nikki Bella has conformed she is in a new relationship with Artem Chigvintsev. It appears that her ex-fiance, John Cena, has moved on as well, as he was recently seen holding hands with a mystery woman later identified as Shay Shariatzadeh.

“90210” star Tori Spelling wants another baby badly, and she really has high hopes for a third girl, according to RadarOnline. But her husband, Dean McDermott, thinks five is more than enough. A source said, “Dean loves kids, but he’s stunned she would even suggest it.” The couple has five kids together, three boys and two girls between the ages of two and 12.

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“Rhoda” star Valerie Harper has been battling cancer for years, and now her husband is asking for help. He said her insurance isn't covering all the costs. Valerie, 79, was diagnosed with lung cancer back in 2009, and then in 2013, doctors discovered brain cancer. A friend wrote on the GoFundMe page, “Valerie is currently taking a multitude of medications and chemotherapy drugs as well as going through extreme physical and painful challenges now with around the clock, 24/7 care immediately needed, which is not covered by insurance. This is just part of the daily cost that is without a doubt a financial burden that could never be met alone. This GoFundMe initiative from Tony is to ensure she receives the best care possible.”

Radar Online says Bill Cosby may be losing his mind. Apparently, he’s so ravaged with dementia that he’s convinced that his daughter, Ensa, is still alive. His 44-year-old daughter succumbed to renal failure in February 2018. But according to a source, “Bill will call [his wife] Camille from the prison phone and ask how Ensa is doing.” Apparently, the site claims the humiliation of being in jail has taken a toll on his physical and mental capacities. On top of that, Bill supposedly won’t let his family visit him in jail because he doesn’t want them to see him in a prison uniform.

John Mayer has finally admitted he’s a player – sort of. When a fan commented on a photo of John, “Beautiful, how are you still single?” John replied, “Google me.” John is likely referring to the tons of articles you’re likely to find about his past relationships with women like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, and more.

HBO Max has announced some good news. "Gossip Girl" will get a second life on HBO Max, and the CW series will be reworked into a spinoff series. The spinoff will be “set eight years after the original show’s finale and will follow a new generation of New York private school teens who are introduced to the social surveillance of the "Gossip Girl" site.” The intention of the show will be to explore how the landscape of social media has shifted since the show was last on the air from 2007 to 2012. The spinoff will include 10 hour-long episodes. No casting or release date information has been announced. Xoxo HBO!

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Now we know why Idris Elba couldn’t be the next James Bond. Apparently, the franchise was looking for a woman. “Captain Marvel” actress Lashana Lynch will become the next agent 007. According to Daily Mail, the new character is NOT the next Bond; she’ll just be taking over the secret agent number of the Daniel Craig incarnation of Bond when he leaves M16. Writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge is responsible for the change as she was recruited to modernize the 57-year-old franchise. One other change is that Bond girls will now be referred to as Bond women. The film is currently being shot in Italy and the UK.

Production has officially begun on the second installment of “A Quiet Place.” John Krasinski had first confirmed that he was writing the sequel back in October. Now, he has shared the first photo from the set on Twitter.

“Vanderpump Rules” star and transgender activist Billie Lee has quit the show after just two seasons, according to RadarOnline.com. A source said, “Billie Lee has had a really hard time with the disrespect and negative thoughts overall from the show and from certain co-stars. She is sick of the bullies and the backlash that she’s gotten on social media. She is ready to do her own thing now and is trying to pitch her own show. She doesn’t need any of that drama anymore.” If she doesn’t think there would be drama with a new show, she’s mistaken. There’s no such thing as a drama-free show from Bravo.

"Frost/Nixon" star Michael Sheen is set to become a dad again after revealing his new girlfriend is pregnant. Michael already shares a 20-year-old daughter with his ex-girlfriend Kate Beckinsale, but he has revealed on Twitter that his Swedish partner, Anna Lundberg, is expecting a baby. Michael is 50, and Anna is 25. If you’re doing the math, that’s just 5 years older than his daughter. Can he handle diaper duty all over again? That Depends….