Dina's Dirt for June 11, 2019.

Tuesday, June 11th

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Justin Bieber, for some reason, has taken issue with Tom Cruise. Justin tweeted that he wanted to take Tom on in a UFC cage match. He wrote, “I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to a fight in the octagon. Tom if you don’t take this fight your [sic] scared and you will never live it down.” No word on why he wants to fight him, but it seems the odds are against Justin. Tom Cruise hasn’t commented, but others have. One person tweeted, “Not only is Tom Cruise an unbeatable machine of strength and speed, he’s also insane and completely undeterred by the fear of death. Good luck, Justin,” while another added, “tom cruise does his own stunts and risks his life what’s this boy gon do.” Read more at The New York Post.

Kevin Hart is being sued by a woman because his security team broke her face. According to TMZ, the woman’s lawyer said she was crossing the street and walking past a small crowd gathered outside a screening Kevin was attending when one of his bodyguards started pushing people back. She got thrown to the ground and ended up fracturing her face. The woman is suing Kevin, his production company, SAG-AFTRA, and possibly even the sidewalk.

Gwyneth Paltrow and her current husband, Brad Falchuk, still aren’t living together. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Gwyneth admitted they both have their own homes but added that Brad stays over four nights a week and then goes home. She likes it this way, and she even said her intimacy teacher (that’s a thing?) approves as well. Gwyneth said also, “All my married friends say that the way we live sounds ideal and we shouldn’t change a thing.” Are we surpised?

George and Amal Clooney are friends with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and now George has opened up more about their relationship to The Daily Mail. Admitting they are practically neighbors, George said, “We live not too far from one another and we have dinners and stuff. They’re really nice, fun, kind people and a very loving couple – they’re going to be great parents.” But does George hold a little grudge when it comes to their new baby, Archie? George and Archie both share the same birthday, May 6th, and George said, “It’s a big day for me, and now some royal child has been born.” He may have been joking but good luck getting another dinner invite now. Doesn’t anybody learn from Meghan Markle’s dad?

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Kylie Jenner needs to rethink her party themes. That birthday she hosted for her friend this past weekend? It was “Handmaid’s Tale” themed. Kylie posted on her Instagram story over the weekend a pic of her and Scott Disick’s girlfriend, Sofia Richie, wearing…wait for it… “Handmaid’s Tale” dresses. On top of that, they were serving cocktails named “praise be vodka” and “under his eyes tequila.” Some people tweeted that maybe Kylie doesn’t get the premise of the show, as one wrote, “She does realize it’s about rape & oppression… right?”

As we previously reported, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk broke up after four years and a baby together. Though it had been rumored Lady Gaga gas something to do with it, other sources are saying it was the movie “A Star Is Born” itself that led to the demise of his relationship. While making his directorial debut, a source told People Bradley was “emotionally absent” during filming. After awards season, Bradley tried to put his focus back on his family, but according to the source, “They tried to save the relationship but it had changed. Since Bradley and Irina have always been very private about their relationship, few knew there was really for sure something going on.” As for Lady Gaga, she’s not appreciating people still saying she had something to do with it. According to The Sun, Lady gaga was just about to perform her “A Star Is Born” song “Shallow” when a heckler yelled out asking where Bradley was, and she snapped back, “And one more thing, be kind or f*** off.”

Cuba Gooding Jr. is being investigated by The New York Police Department over a woman’s claim that he touched her inappropriately at a club on Sunday. According to Page Six, Cuba was described as “highly intoxicated” when he grabbed the woman inappropriately. They started arguing and security had to get involved. He left, and then she called 911. This isn’t the first time Cuba has been inappropriate with women. In 2016, he was spotted getting “beyond frisky with girls” on the Miami party scene. Also, a misdemeanor battery warrant was issued for his arrest after he pushed a female bartender in New Orleans. The charges were later dropped.

Former “Bachelor” contestant Bekah Martinez is getting heat for her parenting comments. She psoted some pictures of her 4-month-old baby girl and wrote, “Sometimes having a baby sucks. Then they look like this and you’re like ‘Okay, fine. I’ll keep you.’” Many took offense, as one wrote, they would never say “it sucks” to have a “healthy baby.” Bekah feels she is being unfairly criticized and explained she was “not saying having a healthy baby sucks” or that having a daughter of her own “sucks” but that she only wanted to be open about her own struggles with being a parent. She explained, “I’m saying parenting is hard sometimes. It’s not being ungrateful for a healthy child, it’s being human and struggling and being transparent about that.” She also said of her daughter, “She’s awesome.”

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Nicki Minaj has been M.I.A. from her social media without warning, so naturally, her fans are freaking out. AceShowbiz reports that some of her fans have been printing missing posters of Nicki and posting them around town. The posters include personal information and a number to call. Of course, this could be seen as incredibly insulting to people who have family members missing.

As we told you yesterday, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger married this past weekend, and Chris wrote in Instagram that is was “the best day of our lives.” Cue the Instagram trolls! One wrote, “To say that is the best day of your life when you’ve been married before and had children. What about those days? It kinda implies that those things weren’t as important, even if times have changed,” while another added, “I understand second marriages. What I don’t seem to be able to follow is when you said [in the past] your first wife gave you the happiest day of your life. I don’t believe you anymore and that sucks.” And yet another dragged his kid into it, writing, “I would think the best day of his life would be the day his son was born, but carry on.” Maybe Chris should just post pictures next time – they are worth a thousand words, after all.

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Tanya Sam ended up in the hospital for two days after getting into a pretty bad car accident. Tanya was in an Uber with her fiancé, Dr. Paul Judge, on their way to the Wearable Art Gala. According to Tanya, the other car was “pretty much totaled and completely wrecked” after their Uber vehicle smashed into it. In Tanya’s words, “We kind of bulldozed through the car.”

Wendy Williams was spotted out to dinner with a mystery man, months after filing for divorce from husband, Kevin Hunter. According to Wendy, she has a “'parade of men” lining up wanting to date her. She’s not ‘fessing up to having a boyfriend yet, but she did say she was “rediscovering [her] love of men” and “dat[ing] pretty often.” Head to OK! Magazine for more details. She is still having a hard time with the dissolution of her marriage. When recently talking about it, she said, “Sometimes in life stuff happens and it’s okay. I still got a very full life that I really adore. Please don’t make me cry.”

Sophie Turner may have just recently married Joe Jonas, but she originally had her sights set on a “Friends” star first. In a new interview, Sophie, who is a huge fan of Friends,” said Matthew Perry (Chandler Bing) was rehearsing a play near her house back in 2016, so she tried to stage an accidental meeting. She showed up with a lighter while he was taking a smoke break, but according to Sophie, the timing was off. She noted, “That was just embarrassing.” Or as Chandler would say, “Could that BE any more embarrassing?”