Dina's Dirt For October 8, 2019.

Tuesday, October 8th

Dina’s Dirt at 6:40

Amy Schumer posted a throwback photo commemorating the exact moment she found out she was pregnant with her now-5-month-old son, Gene Attell, and yeah, it’s exactly what you would expect from Amy. In the photo, she’s sitting on the toilet of her friend, Jessica Seinfeld, with a pregnancy test on the counter next to her. She looks surprised with her mouth hanging open – kind of like mine when I saw that picture.

Nick Jonas is joining “The Voice” for season 18. He’ll be judging alonsided Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Blake Shelton. He’s had some experience for the role as the The Jonas Brothers already took part in NBC’s “Songland.”

Cassandra Waldon, the very first "Big Brother" contestant to enter the house on the U.S. version, has died, according to TMZ. Cassandra passed away on September 25th from injuries related to a car accident in Rome two months ago, when she suffered a head injury. TMZ reports that she never regained consciousness before her death. Julie Chen, the host of "Big Brother," wrote a tribute on Instagram, saying, "Thank you for bringing your intelligence, warmth and wisdom to the Big Brother house Season 1."

"Dawson's Creek" star James Van Der Beek revealed that he and his wife, Kimberly Brook, are expecting their sixth child together. He revealed the news by showing the first ultrasound on "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday, where he is a contestant. He said, "We chose to have our first ultrasound on camera with our #DWTS crew capturing the result - something I NEVER thought we'd ever do..." Kimberly had three miscarriages in the past, and James added, "but @vanderkimberly and I have been through three of those first appointments to discover either no heartbeat, or no baby, and she wanted to share this moment." Congratulations to the family!

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Congratulations are in order for “Botched” star Dr. Paul Nasif. He said, “I do,” to Brittany Pattakos four months after popping the question. They celebrated with a reception in Greece. And in more wedding news, "The Walking Dead" star Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton have finally tied the knot a decade after they started dating. The thing is, we thought they were married already. Hilarie, who has two kids with Jeffrey, got married on Saturday. As for why we always thought they were married, it’s because she was too polite to correct anyone who got it wrong, including the media, who just assumed they were married. Hilarie wrote on Instagram, "So it felt silly to try and correct anything. Here's the God's honest fact: From the moment I met @jeffreydeanmorgan, he was my husband.”

“Jersey Shore” star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has been hit with an emergency protective order by the Los Angeles Police Department after being arrested for alleged domestic violence. He’s been ordered to stay 100 yards away from his on-again/off-again girlfriend and baby mama, Jen Harley, until October 11th. All you need for proof as to why she feels she needs the protection is to look at the huge scrapes and bruises she has on her shoulder and on the back of her thigh. According to TMZ, sources close to Jen say she's claiming Ronnie dragged her across the driveway at their Airbnb. But, a source connected to Ronnie is claiming Jen hurt herself falling back off a fence and that she was clinging to Ronnie as he tried to get back to the house with their baby. It’s also worth noting that Ronnie’s sources claim Jen had been drinking heavily during an event earlier in the day, and that's why he was concerned about Ariana's safety. The truth will eventually be revealed….

Sia revealed on social media that she has been diagnosed with a neurological disease and is dealing with chronic pain. She shared, “Hey, I'm suffering with chronic pain, a neurological disease, ehlers danlos, and I just wanted to say to those of you suffering from pain, whether physical or emotional, I love you, keep going.” She added, “Life is f**king hard. Pain is demoralizing, and you're not alone.” Hang in there, Sia!

Zac Hanson got into a motorcycle accident, but he will not let his fans down! The drummer, who is part of the band Hanson with his two older brothers, Isaac, 38, and Taylor, 36, told fans on Instagram, “Wednesday I was involved in a wreck on my motorcycle while preparing for an upcoming cross-country ride. Though I ended up with three broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and a cracked scapula, nothing is injured that won’t heal with a little rest and time, and a healthy dose of gaming!” Yet he still insists he’s good to go for the band’s upcoming shows. In the meantime, Madonna was forced to postpone her "Madame X" show in Brooklyn last night while she recovers from a knee injury. According to a statement on her website, "Madonna is currently dealing with a knee injury and has been advised rest for the next three days to assist in her recovery." I mean, she’s no Zac Hanson, but can’t she just sing from a chair?

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Alex Trebek might have to step down as "Jeopardy!" host, according to TMZ. In a recent interview with CTV, Alex said he’s starting to slur his words and trip over his tongue. Alex went for another round of chemotherapy last month to fight his stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The treatment caused sores inside his mouth, which has contributed to making it difficult to perform his duties as host. Alex, who has been hosting “Jeopardy!” since 1984, said he will retire if and when it gets to point where it will affect the show.

As we previously told you, Alanis Morissette welcomed her third child, Winter, in August, and now she’s opening up about dealing with postpartum depression. Alanis admitted that she had PPD with her first two kids, and the same is happening now with her third. She listed her symptoms as “hormonal. sleep deprivation. fogginess. physical pain. isolation. anxiety. cortisol. recovery from childbirth (as beautiful and intense as mine was at home, dream birth.), integrating new angel baby with older angel babies. marriage. all kinds of PTSD triggers. Overstimulation.” She added, “all this said: i have been here before. i know there is another side. and the other side is greater than my PPD-riddled-temporarily-adjusted-brain could have ever imagined. i saw how things got richer after i came through it the last two times. i have my eye on that prize again…even as i drag my a$$ through the molasses.”

Helena Bonham Carter claims she got special permission from Princess Margaret to portray her in “The Crown.” Now, FYI, Margaret passed away in 2002. However, Helena says she spoke with Queen Elizabeth’s late sister with the help of a psychic medium. According to The Guardian, Helena did extensive research for the role, including meetings with Margaret’s friends, relatives, an astrologer, a graphologist and even a psychic. Through the medium, Helena says she got Margaret’s stamp of approval for the role. According to Helena, “She said she was glad it was me; ‘You’re better than the other actress [they were thinking of].’”

Jennifer Lopez is being sued for copyright infringement by a photo agency over a picture of herself and fiancé Alex Rodriguez which she posted on Instagram in 2017, according to a federal lawsuit obtained by The Blast and E! News. Splash News and Picture Agency are suing J-Lo for $150,000 claiming they are the owners and exclusive copyright holders of the photo of Jennifer and Alex holding hands while out in New York City. Of course, it could be argued that the agency never got Jennifer’s permission to take and post the picture, so why should she get theirs? But then again, I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know if that’s an arguable point.