Dina's Dirt For September 4, 2019.

Wednesday, September 4th


Tracy Morgan isn’t taking any chances with his new Bugatti. He recently paid a restaurant employee to watch the car while he and a friend had dinner at an Italian restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

An eyewitness tells Us Weekly that the comedian paid one of the bartenders who’d just finished his shift $100 bucks to keep an eye on his $2 million dollar ride. Meanwhile he and his friend caught up over a meal that included fried calamari, and both chicken and veal parmigiana at Carmine’s Italian Restaurant.

The source added that in addition to giving the bartender an unexpected bonus, Tracy also left a generous tip for the waiter.

Simone Biles is finally breaking her silence about her brother, Tevin Biles-Thomas. She said that she’s having a hard time processing the news that he was arrested and charged in a triple murder case last week.

The Olympian took to Twitter to share the following statement: “My heart for everyone involved, especially the victims and their families. There is nothing that I can say that will heal anyone’s pain, but I do want to express my sincere condolences to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy.” She finished up by asking everyone to respect her family’s privacy as they deal with their pain.

For the record, Simone and Tevin didn’t grow up together. They, along with Adria and Ashley, were put in foster care while their mother, Shannon Biles, struggled with addiction. Simone and Adria were raised in Texas while Tevin and Ashley were in Ohio.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got hitched after just a couple of months of dating, but to the couple, it feels like a lifetime. Or at least a year longer, if Priyanka’s recent flub on Instagram is any hint. The star is getting roasted by fans for getting his age wrong.

Priyanka posted on Instagram some love for Nick as he launches his new tequila company Villa One. In the caption, she says she’s “so proud” of her husband for owning his own tequila “at 27” years old… thing is, he’s actually 26. Technically, he turns 27 in a couple of weeks, but his fans keeping count have made sure the correct Priyanka in the comments. But Nick doesn’t seem to care about the mix-up, he’s just happy for his wife’s support, writing in the comments, “My beautiful forever date.”

Bebe Rexha has been very vocal about criticism she’s received about her body and her age, and she’s now opening up about the pressure she felt early in her career to lose weight. In an interview with “Cosmopolitan UK” Bebe says when she was starting out she was 130 pounds, and was told she needed to lose 20.

"It (expletive) me up. I was so cold all the time. I would starve myself before filming a music video," she said, adding that there was always someone around to monitor her fitness and made her work out twice a day. “She’d sit opposite me at the dinner table and say, ‘You’re not losing enough.’ All I was eating was salad.”

Bebe also reveals in the interview that Kesha’s mother once came up to her and warned her against working with Dr. Luke, who Kesha accused of sexual abuse, and she was glad she listened.

“Her mom came up to me and whispered, ‘Don’t do it,'" she said. "She was talking about working with Dr Luke.” She adds, “The music industry can be a dark place, and she could have been trying to stop me from getting in her daughter’s way. But I listened and honestly? Trusting her was the best thing I ever did."


Ariana Grande is suing Forever 21 for using her likeness without permission. The singer is seeking $10 million from the company for using a lookalike model to promote their Riley Rose beauty brand.

The New York Post reports that court documents say Forever 21 approached Ari back in December about an endorsement deal but she turned them down “because the amounts that Forever 21 offered to pay for the right to use Ms. Grande’s name and likeness were insufficient for an artist of her stature.”

When they couldn’t get her, the documents note they instead got someone who looked like Ari to pose “in clothing and accessories that resemble clothing warn in Ms. Grande’s music videos,” calling out things like the bedazzled space buns, bra tops and platform heels she wore in her “7 Rings” clip.

Not only that, they claim he retailer also shared “at least 30 unauthorized images and videos misappropriating Ms. Grande’s name, image, likeness and music,” and even re-shared images from Ari’s social media accounts.

Looks like Britney Spears is dealing with some major family drama. The Blast was first to report that Britney’s dad Jamie Spears is being investigated for child abuse, allegedly for getting physical with Britney’s 13-year-old son, Sean.

According to sources, Britney's ex, Kevin Federline, filed a report with police last Sunday, accusing Jamie of abusing his son. TMZ claims K-Fed told cops Jamie and Sean got into an argument at Jamie's home and the elder Spears actually kicked down a door to get to Sean and put his hands on him, although the child wasn't injured.

An investigation into the incident then took place and now the DA is deciding whether to charge Jamie.

Meanwhile, The Blast reports that Kevin went on to file for a restraining order on behalf of the kids, which he got, and it prevents Jamie from having any contact with his grandsons. The site claims new custody arrangements give Kevin 90% custody of the kids, adding that Britney won't have overnight visits with them, and a monitor must be present, and that Jamie can't be that monitor.

A few months back, we reported confirmation of ongoing rumors that Robert Pattinson is the next Batman. It turns out rumors broke a little too early... as in someone was tipped off about the role before Pattinson had even auditioned for it.

In a new interview with Variety, Pattinson says he was “furious” when he found out about the leak. He was worried that all the premature hype would spook Warner Bros and he wouldn’t nab the role after all. “Everyone was panicking from my team, I sort of thought that had blown up the whole thing,” he adds.

At the time, Pattinson was gearing up for the world premiere of his new movie “The Lighthouse” at Cannes Film Festival. Once he noticed something was off about the press, he couldn’t stop googling himself for clues. That led to some more embarrassment, since he realized he was sitting next to famed director Christopher McQuarrie, who had seen him googling himself “for the past hour.”

Katherine Schwarzenegger isn’t afraid to shut down some trolls. She’s hit back at a hater on Instagram after getting selfie-shamed. Katherine is Maria Shriver’s daughter – AKA John F Kennedy’s niece. So, a troll responded to Katherine posting some killer selfies by writing, “remember when Kennedy’s used to like, do stuff for society?” Hitting back, Katherine laid out exactly what she was up to before posting the pic, like “submitting my final draft of my fourth book and on my way to do an interview on behalf of shelter animals.”


Elton John’s musical legacy is being celebrated with a new stamp collection. Royal Mail has announced a new set of stamps marking Elton’s 50 years in show business, making Elton only the second solo artist to receive the honor.

The collection includes 12 stamps, eight of them featuring the music legend’s most popular album covers, like 1972’s “Honky Chateau” and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” The other four stamps will commemorate some of his iconic live performances, including his legendary concert at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium in 1975 and his stop at New York’s Madison Square Garden on last year’s “Farewell Brick Road” tour.

“To say I was surprised when Royal Mail got in touch is an understatement,” says Elton in a statement. “Never did I think I’d appear on a stamp… it’s wonderful, a great honor.”

Lisa Rinna doesn’t care what the haters have to say, she’s going to keep dancing like no one’s watching. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star shares clips of herself jamming to her favorite songs on social media all the time, which apparently some people are taking issue with.

Trolls will be trolls, and they can’t help but spread hate in the comments the posts when Rinna is just trying to have some fun. Apparently, the haters think the reality star loves herself a little too much – but you would too if you were looking as good as Rinna at 56. Either way, Rinna doesn’t mind the backlash.

Just to prove her point, the star is shoving it in the haters’ faces with her latest video. In the clip, Rinna shows off her ripped abs dancing in a bikini and cowboy hat to Billie Eilish’s hit “Bad Guy.” “Encore, duh,” she writes in the caption.

As you’ll recall, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry caught some hate last week for taking a private jet to vacation with baby Archie in France and Ibiza. Plenty of stars came to the Royal couple’s defense, including Elton John and Ellen Degeneres, and now Prince Harry has broken his silence about the ordeal.

People reports that he went to Amsterdam to promote a new travel sustainability initiative, Travalyst, yesterday, where he spoke about his dedication to the environment. If you’re among the haters thinking Meghan and Harry are being hypocritical about environmental conservation, Harry’s response is “we can all do better” – and in the end, his biggest priority is keeping his family safe.

“No one is perfect, we all have a responsibility for our own individual impact – the question is what we do to balance it out,” he said at the event. “I spent 99-percent of my life traveling the world by commercial [flights]... occasionally, there needs to be opportunity based on a unique circumstance to ensure my family is safe.”

Robert Pattinson tells Variety magazine that he felt powerful when he put on the Batsuit for the first time while auditioning for the next Batman movie. “It’s maybe the craziest thing I’ve ever done in terms of movie stuff. It does feel quite transformative! You do feel very powerful immediately. And it’s pretty astonishing, something that is incredibly difficult to get into, so the ritual of getting into it is pretty humiliating. You’ve got five people trying to shove you into something. Once you’ve got it on, it’s like, ‘Yeah I feel strong, I feel tough, even though I had to have someone squeezing my butt cheeks into the legs.’”