Dina's Dirt For September 5, 2019.

Thursday, September 5th


Kevin Hart underwent a successful back surgery following his devastating

weekend crash. While he should be discharged by the end of the week, he’ll likely

have to undergo several weeks of physical therapy to make a full recovery.

The not-so-great news? With the 911 calls have been released, there appear to

be some discrepancies from the original story. The crash reportedly happened at

12:45am on Sunday morning. But on the call that came from Kevin’s house at

2:13am, the woman, which is believed to be Kevin’s wife, Eniko Parrish, she said

that the crash happened 20 minutes prior outside their gated community.

But here's where it gets weird. According to TMZ, a witness the scene, who was

reportedly the first to call 911, said that Kevin’s security guard pulled him out of

the driver’s side window. It's said that Kevin and his guard then got in the

Escalade and left the scene. When first responders arrived, Jared Black was said

to be in the driver’s seat. On top of that, earlier reports had Hart getting to his

home by foot.

Jared was eventually able to free himself from the car, but his fiancée, Rebecca

Broxterman, was stuck in the car. She didn’t suffer the major back injuries that

Kevin and Jared did. The unidentified 911 caller that the car was totaled, but

everyone was conscious. Later, during the call from Hart's home, he was

described as "unable to move" and "incoherent."

While alcohol has been ruled out as a factor in the accident, excessive speed has

not. In fact, one witness has reported hearing tires peeling out moments before

hearing the car smash through a fence as it flew off the road.

Shawn Mendes tells NME magazine that fans sometimes send him creepy gifts. "I

once got a package delivered to my house that had a book in it. The book was

describing how they’d used videos from Instagram to route from the house in front

of my house that they saw in the video and pinpoint where my house was. They

were from Norway or somewhere – these girls had figured out my address to send

me this book. It was very harmless, but a little scary."

One simple Instagram comment from Hailey Baldwin got Justin Bieber fans in a

tizzy this week. It seems the couple is on a getaway and Hailey posted a picture

of her hubby by a fire, which he built, commenting, “hi (future) baby daddy.” Well,

as you can imagine, fans were quick to start speculating whether that means

Hailey is pregnant. So far, neither Justin nor Hailey have commented on the


Kelly Clarkson is about to launch her new talk show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,”

on Monday, which shows how far she’s come since winning “American Idol” back

in 2002. In fact, the singer says she faced a lot of challenges after winning “AI,”

especially since she was the first to win a talent competition, and many folks didn’t

take her seriously.

“The first three years of my career was me just paying for winning a talent show,”

she tells ‘USA Today.” “I got real bitter. I was just looking for anyone to talk to who

knew what I was going through.” She adds that her experience coming off a talent

show makes her well suited to be a mentor for others on “The Voice," noting,

“that’s why I like to do that for artists on ‘The Voice.’ It’s actually healed that

bitterness I used to carry, being able to be that for somebody else.”

Interestingly, Kelly says a lot of artists gave her a hard time in the beginning, and

while she isn’t naming names, she adds that some of those artists went on to

become judges or coaches on other talent competitions. She notes, “so there’s no


Kelly insists she loved being on “Idol,” although there was one thing in particular

that she didn’t care for. “It’s really funny, because I knew that the winner of ‘Idol’

would have to do that movie (“From Justin to Kelly”) and I didn’t want to do that

movie. And I think Justin (Guarini) did,” she said. “So, we were totally cool with

him winning and me not winning, so I didn’t have to do (the movie).” She adds,

"But I won, and had to do it. Contractually obligated.”


A few days ago, Ariana Grande canceled all the meet and greets and soundcheck

parties on the remainder of her European tour "due to the need to preserve her

voice and energy,” and music-news.com is saying that her fans aren’t happy.

While many understand her need to cancel, they are upset because of how little of

their money is being refunded due to the cancelation.

Apparently fans are only getting partial refunds for their VIP tickets, with a 19-

year-old named Ryan Harte sharing that he’s only getting $457 back after paying

$1,455 for tickets to Ari’s London show.

"He actually used his university grant money to pay for the tickets and he does

work part-time but $1,090 is a lot of money. Ariana is his passion,” Ryan’s father

tells the UK press "He paid...to stand in the pit with people who have paid $194

for a standard ticket. She's ripped people off and he is absolutely gutted."

Others are criticizing her for canceling in the first place. "If you were going to book

so many dates, know your limits instead of disappointing fans," one user noted,

while another added, "She has pocketed the extra cash and not offered a full


Taylor Swift had another unwanted guest show up to her Rhode Island home,

although the latest seems to at least be polite.

USA Today reports that police arrested 26-year-old Richard Joseph McEwan on

Friday, after he somehow got into Taylor’s Westerly, Rhode Island home. When

they found McEwan he wasn’t wearing shoes, explaining he was taught it was

polite to take off your shoes when entering someone’s home.

Luckily no one was in the house when McEwan broke in. Officers say that while

Taylor has had several trespassers to her property, this is the first time someone

got inside. McEwan was charged with breaking and entering and willful


Brad Pitt has opened up about the aftermath of his split from Angelina Jolie. In a

new interview with The New York Times, the actor reveals that he was in

Alcoholics Anonymous for a year and a half after Jolie filed for divorce in

September 2016.

As you may recall, Pitt opened up about his sobriety back in 2017. At the time, he

was happily “half a year” sober, relieved to be “done with all of that” as it “became

a problem” in his personal life. Now, he says he had taken things “as far as I could

take it” – the only thing left after the split was to “remove my drinking privileges.”

And Pitt is still grateful for his sobriety journey. Being able to be open about “the

ugly sides” of himself at AA was a “very freeing” for the actor – and believe it or

not, nobody in the group snitched on him to the tabloids. “You had all these men

sitting around being open and honest in a way I have never heard... there’s great

value in that,” he adds.

The NY Post claims 50 year-old Jennifer Aniston maintains her youthful look by

using a vibrating 24 karat gold sculpting bar on her face. A description of the bar

reads, “This luxe, breakthrough bar helps the skin look lifted and toned with each

vibration. Ideal for men and women, the Gold Bar’s vibrations mimic the effects of

a massage, instantly relaxing facial muscles to release tension.”


As we previously told you, Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears is being

investigated for allegedly abusing her 13-year-old son Sean, and now can’t have

any contact with either of her boys thanks to a restraining order taken out on their


Well, now reports claim these allegations could result in him losing his control over

his daughter. It seems the restraining order could cost him his gig as Britney’s

conservator, which also comes with a pretty hefty salary.

Investigators in the case are expected to interview both Sean and 12-year-old

Jayden, as well as their dad Kevin Federline and there’s a chance they could be

asked to testify before the judge in the conservatorship case, who’ll decide

whether he can stay on as conservator if he can’t be around key people in

Britney’s life.

Meanwhile, sources say Britney is not at all happy with her dad. An insider tells

People that she, “can’t believe that her dad would jeopardize her relationship with

her boys,” adding, “Britney is always terrified that she will lose custody.”

Ever since the rise of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, many in Hollywood

have been keeping their distance from Woody Allen, but not Scarlett Johansson.

The actress has spoken out in defense of the director. Allen has long denied his

adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow’ sexual abuse allegations, but The Hollywood

Reporter says Scarlett “believes him.”

Since Farrow’s claims have been put back in the limelight, multiple actors have

gone public with their regrets about working with Allen. While the likes of Michael

Cain, Timothee Chalamet, Greta Gerwig, and even Amazon Studios say they're

done with the director, Johansson says she’d “work with him anytime.”

And yes, that's in spite of her involvement with the Time’s Up movement. She

says she understands that it’s “rightfully an intense time,” she’s continuing to stand

by the director. As word of her comments has spread, ScarJo has gotten much

less support than she has scorn.

Allen directed Johansson in some of her landmark movies, like 2005’s “Match

Point,” and she’s gone on to become the highest-paid actress in Hollywood... to

this day, she has love for the director. “I see Woody whenever I can, and I have

had a lot of conversations with him about [the allegations],” she adds. “I have been

very direct with him and he’s very direct with me. He maintains his innocence, and

I believe him."

Adele fans will be happy to hear that we should be getting new music from her

soon. Sources tell “People” that despite her difficult split from partner Simon

Konecki, the singer is more than ready to release new tunes, and we should

expect something before the end of the year.

“She is definitely getting ready both mentally and physically to promote new

music. It seems it will happen later this year,” a source tells the mag. “She talks

about last year as a very difficult year, and she’s said in the past that creating new

music is almost like therapy. You can tell that she is ready to share with her fans.”

The insiders say Adele’s new album will likely be as personal as her previous

records. "She is so busy, but her life is better-rounded than it was before,” says

one industry insider. “She is very fulfilled being an artist. New music is still a big

deal for her, and she feels alive and happy.”

A huge social media following doesn’t guarantee a fit. The executives in charge of

“Bring the Funny” are finding this out the hard way. Chrissy Teigen was brought

on as a host for the comedy competition because she has 11-point-4 million

Twitter followers. But while they love Mrs. John Legend, they’re not tuning in to

see her on the show. And Radar Online says that the people in charge are

regretting their decision. According to an insider, the show might get a second

season. Chrissy definitely will not. Next time, they’ll put someone in the slot with a

background in stand-up comedy.