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Dina's Dirt For August 13, 2019.

Dina’s Dirt at 6:40 Alex Rodriguez has learned the hard way not to leave valuables in his car. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, thieves in San...

Dina's Dirt For August 12, 2019.

Dina’s Dirt at 6:40 Did you ever wonder how all those celebrities on Instagram have so many followers? It turns out that a massive amount of them are fake...

Dina's Dirt For August 9, 2019

Dina’s Dirt at 6:40 Duane Chapman, star of “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” was almost the victim of a scam. He was offered $430,000 to speak in Dubai, but he was...

Dina's Dirt For August 8, 2019

Dina’s Dirt at 6:40 Katharine McPhee has babies on the brain now that she and David Foster are married, but that might not be what David sees in their future...

Dina's Dirt for August 7, 2019

Dina’s Dirt at 6:40 Olivia Newton John, 70, has opened up about her stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis in a new interview with “60 Minutes Australia,” and...

Dina's Dirt for August 6, 2019

Dina’s Dirt at 6:40 Kate Middleton and Prince William wished Meghan Markle a happy birthday, and you had to know people would find a problem with it. They...